The {Re}Wilding Grounds™

Welcome to Training Camp… for the Work of Your Soul.

Breathe. Move. Create.™

You’re afraid to go all in.

Not because you think it’s impossible but, rather, because you’re afraid that when you finally DO, there will be no turning back.

And holy fuck, Batman… how will you keep delivering at higher and higher levels?

How will you continue delivering on what you’ve promised the world?… And on what you’ve promised your own SOUL?

But there’s a part of that wants it all… and knows you’re going to get it.

And you want to be ready, really, you do.

But, but… the fears and the doubts and the disowned pieces of your psyche that are rearing their fucking heads in the middle of orgasm and creativity and leadership…

And the self-inflicted PURGATORY to which you’ve banished your freedom.

What about those!!!

Well, if you leaned in real close, and you scented the Wilds on your own damn skin, you would know this:

There is a part of you who is ALREADY ready to scream “fuck the bullshit” and to just stop TRYING so damn hard to be free and finally, actually ALLOW it to happen.


Like RIGHT now.

So this is the space where you and that forgotten part of yourself meet once again.

And this is where you howl a primordial YES to the heavens…

While you excavate the shit out of your Truth in the underworld of your soul.

I don’t care what you say, I want to go too far
— Michael Jackson, Dirty Diana

And so it comes to this:

You and I are alike in one very specific way.

I know because you have found your way HERE.

And that way is this:

We will not allow ourselves to go past a certain level of success, abundance, love, pleasure, creativity, or freedom…

Unless it is in deep alignment with our soul.

Oh sure, we’ll get where we THINK we want to go.

But it won’t take.

Or, rather, WE won’t take.

We can’t.

Because we are the Ones who lead from the clawing under our ribcage… the cackling of the Wilds in our throat… our own jaguar eyes shining in the dark of the night.

We are the Ones for whom there is no “off switch”…

And we don’t want there to be.

Yeah, yeah.

You might THINK you want an off switch.

A way to decompress and just, you know, TAKE A BREAK FROM IT ALL.

But if you were doing and being EXACTLY what and who you came here to embody?

Do you really think you would still want that escape hatch?

Or would you go even harder in the paint on the mission that God encoded into your powerhouse of a soul?

Now, this is not about the mindless “hustle” that goo-roos and influencers brag about on the Gram.

What this is, however, is a Call to Arms for the Creators who can’t NOT create.

And are finally ready to do it {and BE it} in a way that fully turns on your soul and not only allows you to do what you came here to do, but to do it while ALSO creating expansion and ecstasy in everything you touch.

Relationships, art, mission, sex, wealth, identity, health…

All of it becomes infused with the sacred nectar of the Wilds riding your bones.

And So here we are

…In the {Re}Wilding Grounds™.

A place where I can bleed my soul onto the pages of the world and serve those of you who resonate with this work, in the way it moves through me.

Yes, I offer a wide range of magic here… but they all come down to one thing:

Helping you do what the fuck you came here to do… in a way that completely turns on your soul.

I tried niching down and doing it the “right” way. And my soul started shriveling up and dying inside my physical body.

I’ve been in this game for over two decades… working with high performance athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and global financial and insurance corporations.

Using ancient wisdom and modern day applications to help some very incredible people access more freedom and range… in how they move, speak, perform, make love, create, and lead.

This “training camp” is only to be used when you’re ready to unapologetically {Re}Wild the fuck out of the Medicine of Your Soul. On stage, on page… and in the bedroom.

The Wilds are Calling…

Will you say yes?

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The workshops

Below you will find Six Archetypal “Arenas”.

You might think of them as overarching themes or tracks within The {Re}Wilding Grounds™.

Each Arena will contain an ever-expanding library of workshops to guide you on your path of leadership, sexuality, artistic mastery, performance, remembrance, liberation, God, and soul.

The workshops will run “live” when they first open and will include access to weekly Distillation & Alchemy {DNA} Calls with me. Afterwards, the workshops will be available to purchase for self-study, without the coaching and live practice calls.

If a workshop isn’t currently running, you can click “Join Beta” on any of the workshop pages {or here} to receive updates, enrollment details, and special introductory pricing when they’re ready to roll out.

My workshops are generally five weeks in length and are each grounded through nervous system support, body-based consciousness re-encoding, and Primal Self Re-Integration™.

The next five weeks could change everything

1- Tantric Alchemy & Sexual Liberation {TASL}

This is where we de-armor the ecstasy of what it means to be a womxn… in our own body, with full agency and sovereign power. And this is also where we understand how to speak Truth to that pleasure.

You are being called to walk in the Underworld of your sexual liberation, orgasmic remembrance, and the raw wildness howling your name in the night… and the Primal Power of Your Pussy is going to light your path home.


➳ Sex Magic Woman™

➳ Tantric Alchemy for Lovers (opening November 2019)

➳ Primal Sexuality (coming soon)

➳ From Sin to Sacred (coming soon)

➳ Worship (coming soon)

➳ Embodying Eros (coming soon)

2- Primal Performance & Stage Presence {PPSP}

You have the ability to own any stage, workshop, or room you enter. But know this: It’s not enough to show up… You need to understand how to come through.

Meaning, not only do you need to present your ideas, mission, and desires… you need to be able to fully access the capacity and range of your entire body while you do it.

So this is where you learn how to not only access but expand your ability to evoke presence, embodiment, and sensual intoxication through all Five Bodies {emotional, physical, energetic, psychological, and spiritual}, whenever you want meaningful attention and engagement from the people you want to matter to most.


➳ Intoxicate (coming soon)

➳ Communion (coming soon)

➳ The “O” Effect (coming soon)

➳ Ceremony (coming soon)

3- Tantric Brand Strategy & Identity {TBSI}

There is a Knowing in you… One you have likely denied and vilified throughout your lifetime. One that is forever digging its claws underneath your rib cage, demanding to be set free.

But who would you be, if you allowed yourself to express your Truth that openly? To willingly trust in the medicine riding your bones? What would you become… and what might you have to leave behind?

This is where we not only drop into deep inquiry around what you create, we also infuse it with the ooey gooey nectar and intrinsic wisdom of your primordial soul.


➳ distilled. (coming soon)

➳ Land (coming soon)

➳ Ancient Goddess (coming soon)

➳ Remember (coming soon)

4- Identity, Liberation, & Justice Leadership {ILJ}

It can no longer suffice for us to simply ask for a seat at the table… The time has come for us to burn that shit down in the flames of our sacred blood and build our own.

This is an instinctual healing and re-rooting into who we are, with full ownership of our bodies, voices, power, and love.

Here, we enter the crossroads between systemic racialized and sexualized trauma in bodies of color. And together, we will excavate the bones of our remembrance and freedom… Knowing that the liberation of one means absolutely nothing without the liberation of all.

If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t know where the fuck you belonged, or couldn’t understand how to feel completely safe in your own body, this is for you.

Please Note: ILJ workshops are only open to Black/Indigenous/Womxn of Color {BIWOC}


➳ Skin (coming soon)

➳ Melanated Voices (coming soon)

➳ Lineage (coming soon)

➳ Tides (coming soon)

➳ Initiate (coming soon)

5- Emotional Intelligence & Artistic Expression {EIAE}

There is a Holy Land within us, begging to be remembered. Ley lines of magic in our voice, our body… and The Oracle That Lies Between Our Thighs.

But that Land shall remain barren, unless we are able to regulate our nervous system and expand the capacity of what our body is able to hold and integrate into {and then through} our creative Genius.

These workshops will guide you into a deep body wisdom, one where your Pussy and voice… your cervix and your creativity… all become One.

Enter into a raw, untamable expression of the medicine you hold inside… so it can raise the vibration of your body and, from there, the world.


➳ Spoken Roots (coming soon)

➳ Regulate (coming soon)

➳ Wringing Out Your Soul (coming soon)

➳ Initiating the Wild (coming soon)

➳ Gilded (coming soon)

6- Devotional Self Leadership {DSL}

These workshops will light a fire under your gorgeous ass and help you take radical responsibility for how you’re showing up in your life, mission, and art so you can move the needle in the areas that matter most.

You will double down on specific {Re}Wilding Projects in a way that allows you to not only have more meaning and impact, but also have an abundance of time and energy left over for the people, projects, and causes that matter most.

We interweave the feminine with the masculine… and immutable sexual power with intrinsic sensuality… to help you become the living embodiment of your art, as you create a legacy born of devotion, intimacy, and soul.


➳ #GoddessTheFuckUp (coming soon)

➳ Altar (coming soon)

➳ Agency (coming soon)

➳ #EmbodiedAF (coming soon)

➳ Orgasms, Money, & God™ (coming soon)

Please Be Aware:

All of my workshops and experiences are trauma-informed, however, if you are in active trauma, you must work with a body-based/somatic trauma therapist and/or psychotherapist who specializes in trauma before beginning this work with me.

Here is a list of trauma therapy resources, in case you desire some options. {I have noted those who I actually know personally, and those who are on the list because they are leaders in the field.}

And until you and I begin this excavation work together, please enjoy the vast amount of free content and musings on my site {scroll to the Free Offerings section on this page}, blog, podcast, YouTube, and Instagram.

Signature Experiences

When you’re waking up in the middle of the night with the call of the Wilds thrumming in your bones, howling to be set free… Primal Provocateur™, Wild Nectar Practice™, and Body of Work are my signature {Re}Wilding Experiences™ that are here to guide you into the remembrance of your soul.


Wild Nectar Practice™

This is a breathwork, movement, and wild writing practice that will liberate your body from the patterns and inhibitions standing between you and your primal self. You have two exquisite ways to play:

The Mixtapes

Primordial audio experiences that interweave spoken word, meditation, and binaural beats to take you to the cosmos and back.

The Workshop

In-person movement + liberation experiences that drop you into an erotic excavation of body, breath, creativity, and soul.


Body of Work

This monthly membership provides practical, sexual energy-based Nervous System Support to help you cultivate a “new” body that will enable you continuously expand your capacity and commitment to produce your greatest work in the world.

This is an alchemical reawakening of your body’s wisdom that will help you create content, art, and media messaging from your body and not your mind.


Primal Provocateur™

This 5-day soul vision quest in the heart of the jungle is an Idea Accelerator for Powerhouse Change Bringers that makes scaling your impact exquisitely intuitive so you can become the intoxicating obsession of your soulmate tribe and own the fuck out of any stage you walk on… or any (bed)room you walk into.

This is an integrated, raw, full-bodied immersion that will re-encode your very foundation to help you attract, engage, and impact the people you are here to serve.

The Village


Long text about community and belonging and tribe and inclusivity

Maybe link to a MPPS about it, if I create one

Wild Nectar Practice™

Free Offerings

Think of these as an initiation into The {Re}Wilding Grounds™. A little sumthin’, sumthin’ to see if you and I will move deliciously well together on this primordial dance floor.


Scale Your Impact™

If you want to step into an even higher level of embodiment, leadership, and creative expression with the raw, intuitive work of your soul- by leveraging your sexual energy- begin with Scale Your Impact™ {SYI}.


Body-Based Decision Making

{This is a free module from Body of Work}

If you have a deep desire to find more ease and fluency within the areas of your life and work in which you want to move the needle… while feeling calm, grounded, and secure in who you are… begin with Body-Based Decision Making {BBD}.


How to Finish What You Start

If you’re ready to access the Ancient Consciousness Code that Creative Visionaries like Nikola Tesla, Napoleon Hill, and Prince have used to execute on an insane amount of ideas while still having an abundance of energy left over for life, begin with How to Finish What You Start.

See You On The Wild Side.

Please Be Aware:

All of my workshops and experiences are trauma-informed, however, if you are in active trauma, you must work with a body-based/somatic trauma therapist and/or psychotherapist who specializes in trauma before beginning this work with me.

Here is a list of trauma therapy resources, in case you desire some options. {I have noted those who I actually know personally, and those who are on the list because they are leaders in the field.}

And until you and I begin this excavation work together, please enjoy the vast amount of free content and musings on my site {scroll to the Free Offerings section on this page}, blog, podcast, YouTube, and Instagram.


These programs are not medical, psychological, or religious advice {nor is it a substitute for such} and will not treat or diagnose any disease, illness, or ailment. If you should experience any such issues, you agree to seek the advice and examination of your registered physician or practitioner as determined by your own judgment. Nikka Karli | Karli LLC shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided “as is,” and without warranties.