I’m open to most interviews/stages that feel aligned and delicious…

But I also guard my time like a primal goddess who takes no prisoners.

So when you message, please let me know what you’d like me to talk about, how you plan on using the interview/stage footage, and who we’ll be talking to {aka: tell me about your audience}.

Let’s get it, Wild One.


Radio, Media, & Podcast Interviews

“Embodied Wildness & Creativity”

Sex, Love, & Power

“The Oracle That Lies Between Your Thighs”

The Jen Mavros Show

“Orgasmic Breathing, Moving your Body and Feminine Flow”

A Taylored Adventure to Happiness

“Sex, God, & Soul Medicine”

The Celebration

“Sacred Sexuality & Reawakening Our Inner Wild Woman”

Lauren Becker

“Let’s Talk About Sex”

Dezi Slusher

“The Connection Between Creativity, Sexuality, & Our Cycles”

Alisha Rose Kruger

“Getting Wild & Turned On By Life”

Megan Louise Brodbeck

“Shaking Off The Shackles Of Our Womanhood”

Krystal Brandt

“Spirituality and Purpose”

Melting Pot Radio Network

“Love in Action”

Love is a Verb Podcast


Leading My Wild Nectar Practice™

Layla Martin- SLRC Business Retreat


“The Art of Devotion”

Holistic Fashionista Social


“The Meaning of Life is Love”

Barefoot Sanctuary


“Yoga for Self-Confidence”

Barefoot Sanctuary


“Yoga for Beginners”

Barefoot Sanctuary