Your body’s medicine holds the stories of your soul…I help you tell them.

At your center, your womb. You are wild. You have only forgotten.

How wild you once were. And now you have a hunger. Deep inside.

That no man or drug or fame. Can ever touch.

A place betwixt. And between. The opening of you.

The sacred oracle of yes. Yes is the remembrance. The portal to Essence.

And the allowing. Of your own divinity.

No you cry. I am not ready.

And I have not yet. Suffered my suffering.

And I must be broken. More and again.

Before I can understand. My own surrender.

But if you say you must. Be worn down and torn. Asunder.

Beyond your own bliss. Then you will forever wander.

In the deserted wastelands. Of your womanhood. Barren and forgotten.

But why must I feel. You beg into the abyss. Of scattered dreams.

As you are pierced by your own vulnerability.

Your truth is your desire. And your thirst. Cannot be quenched. By more suffering.

Only through the succulence of being. The sweetest nectar.

Of the blood pounding. Around your pleasure.

Will you finally set free. Your Wild Woman.

And come home.

To her.

Suffer the Wild, © Nikka Karli 2016



Do you know what it’s like to feel thatthere simply HAS to be more?

Pleasure. Abundance. Spaciousness. Bliss. Travel. Love. Play. Intimacy. Art. Beauty. Potency. Freedom. Impact… MORE.

Maybe you’ve been kind of going through the motions. In life. In work. In friendships. Heck, maybe even the bedroom. And you have found yourself in this space of… well… you’re not exactly sure. You are happy. You are grateful. You are an amazing woman…

And yet, you go to bed and wake up each morning with a gnawing. A hunger. For something you can’t quite put your finger on. You just know if you don’t figure it out, you will never be fully satisfied, fully turned on, or fully alive. Oh. And you will likely die with your music still inside of you. Yeah, so there’s also that.

Nikka Karli


You do know one thing though: you are here for greatness. You just don’t exactly understand how you can have {and be} it all without burning the wick at both ends or how YOU are enough to stand in that much power.

But you hear it still. The Call of the Unknown. The Howl of the Wild. And you think you are ready to answer. Except, what will it take? How much will you have to give? And even more scary, how much will you have to learn to RECEIVE if you answer?

{I mean, what woman can hold that much power, right?}

The world beckons. Your art is clawing at your soul to be set free. You know you are here to lead a movement of epic and global proportions. To raise the vibration of our planet by raising the vibration of your own life. And you sometimes believe the answer is “out there”, in the expansive plains of the world. But, deep down, you know it isn’t true.

Because although you have spent the past few months… years… decades… searching for a fuller understanding of yourself and your place in the world, you know that the hunger for freedom is coming from within. It cannot be satiated by anyone or anything. It is an inside job, one that requires you to let down every wall you have ever built around your heart and womb and to set YOURSELF free.

Nikka Karli Goddess Sessions


But the idea of standing in the POWER that comes with full-on freedom? It’s even scarier than staying unfulfilled and depleted. So you keep on keeping on. You hire business mentors and personal trainers and funnel strategists and Facebook ads gurus. And you pretend that the next thing will be THE thing that will allow you to finally have the abundance, love, intimacy, impact, and peace you so deeply crave.

That it will bring you what you hunger for the most underneath it all: TO BE COMPLETELY FREE. In your body, art, truth, voice, lovemaking, connection with God… To trust yourself, your body, and your intuition wholly and reverently.In every last nook and cranny of your life.

And here enters what I like to call the “Post 1st-Quarter Existential Life Crisis” {lean in here because it’s kind of a doozy}.

You’ve been satisfied with life. With being a mom, daughter, coach, teacher, healer, lover, friend {some of it or all of it}. Well… on the surface you have been, anyways. You’ve been humming along, trying to make yourself “fit” into a life that was never meant for you. In a subconscious attempt to no longer feel like the misfit, black sheep, wild child, being of pure LIGHT… You have done your level best to be the proverbial square peg in the round hole. But recently you’ve been leaving a trail of evidence of your secret longings everywhere. In your family, your relationships, your career, your spirituality, your life. No place {and no one} is safe from your hunger.

You’ve sought satisfaction and consolation in things, places, people, sex, food, church, money… But they have all left you wanting. For the one thing you have never let yourself have: A full, deep, open connection to your most primal, sacred, raw essence and self. Your inner Wild Woman.



But now, thank God, you are putting your foot down and taking a stand for your Light and your pleasure. No longer can you placate the world around you to make others feel better or whole. No longer will you let your light be dimmed for fear of what will happen if you burn too brightly. You, my Love, are ready to become a Turned On, Tuned In, Filled Up, Spirit-Led Goddess.

Annndddd… You know you need some help. A bit of guidance to help you attain resonance with the frequency of your desires and your potential. Because that hunger can be a bit scary. Your inner Wild Woman is Essence herself and she knows only one level: full submersion. Which means it can be a wee bit scary to brave the wilds of your own soul on your own. After all, you have kind of shut her down for a good portion of your life and opening to that much power can be pretty daunting.



This is where I come in. This is where you realize you no longer have to lone wolf it and reach out your hand for someone who can help you not only see your vision but also stand in the center of the flames and bring it into reality. To help light the way along your path and help you alchemize and weave together your unique brand of Light-Working, World-Changing Soul Medicine.

Ready? Good.

Let’s play, Darlin’.

Nikka Karli


Nikka Karli  | Soul Medicine Woman. Oracle of Truth. Catalyst of Freedom.

Nikka Karli is an Inspirational Messenger, Sensual Embodiment Guide, Visionary Catalyst, Spiritual Mentor, Love Warrior, Yoga Teacher and powerhouse writer and speaker who helps women on the precipice of greatness become exquisitely untamed, awaken their sensuality, and manifest their soul’s desires so they can become completely turned on by their life and do powerful work they love that changes the world.

She has over 20 years of experience coaching in the fields of yoga, fitness, mindset, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, wellness, creativity, and leadership. She holds a Bachelors degree in Athletic Training/Kinesiology from The University of Connecticut, a 500-hour yoga teacher certification from The Breathing Space (in the Krishnamacharya lineage, under the tutelage of Robert Birnberg who studied under the late T.K.V. Desikachar), an Expressive Yoga Dance certification (with Jada Fire of Barefoot Sanctuary), a holistic health coach certification from IIN, and multiple fitness certifications.

Nikka is devoted to helping raise the vibration of Universal consciousness and assisting in mending the hoop of the world’s many peoples through her writing and speaking, private coaching, soul circles, online courses, and retreats. She is the go-to mentor for healers, thought leaders, and visionaries who are ready to create epic fulfillment, love, freedom, and abundance through the brilliance of their soul.