the {wo}manifesto

this is the nectar

the hive

the honeyed elixir of Remembrance sliding down the back of your throat


quickening into rivers


awakening from the slumber

of the tamed {and the damned}

hips undulating

swaying free of the shackles

that enslaved

sacred divinity

wild woman


stalking the moon


we gather

in energetic ecstasy

surrendering to the Great Mystery



into essence + expansion

grit + grace

vision + love

committing to our freedom


radical love

over the safe harbor of fear

because we are the ones

who have been called

to {re}birth a world

unsullied and full

of succulent beauty

where all beings

know peace and love and kindness

so together we dive

with baited breath

{and howls exalted to the Sky}

into the fire

once more

stalking the moon :: © nikka karli