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A 50-Minute Soul Excavation into Wild Intimacy, Cosmic Sex, & Mythic Love

There are few things that matter more than deep, raw, wild, connected LOVE.


We tell ourselves that this love is only for other people.

…That it must take a back seat to our ambition and “needs”.

…That we have to be ready for it.


But what we’re really saying {to ourselves and the Universe} is that we’re afraid.

Not really of what might happen if this loves fails us but, rather, what might happen if it DOESN’T.

Because this love… this grounded, trusting, INTIMATE love… if it actually succeeds?


Well, holy fuck.

We’d have to bare our everything.


And we would, by all Divine Rights, have the responsibility to self-actualize into the fullest expression of who we came here to be.

And that shit right there?


It’s The scariest thing of all.


It is not love that frightens us.

…It is who we will become THROUGH that love that terrifies us.

That’s what really wakes us up in the middle of the night with our heart in our throat and our soul scraped raw with feeling All.The.Things.


But if you are a Wild Soul Rebel…

And if you are with me…


Then this just might be the answer to your most sacred {and also maybe wettest?} dreams.


Introducing… Initiation

The Wild Investment: $500 USD

A 50-minute excursion for the Light Workers & Shadow Walkers.


This is where you will be deliciously {Re}Birthed THROUGH the ancestral, familial, and societal encoding that has been causing these ineffective patterns in your love life, creativity, and impact.


And through this deep dive session, you will be able to rewrite your own story and normalize a new way of Being that turns your daily existence into an epic love affair with your soul.


…And from THERE, you become so exquisitely Turned On and Free that you consciously attract the cosmic and mythic levels of love, intimacy, and pleasure that have been eluding you for so long.


Are you willing to open to this kind of love?


If so, claim your space for one payment of $500 right now.

You will receive a recording of each session for you to listen to over and over, allowing yourself to truly re-encode your consciousness to this brand new {yet oh-so-ancient} way of Being and Loving.


what you should know

I am offering this for a limited time.

So if this is resonant, take me up on this today.

And let’s go alllll the way deep, Lover.


Are you one of us?


Please note: All bookings and sales are final.  

By purchasing, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service here. This is not medical or psychological advice.If you have any questions or concerns, please ask in advance of purchase by contacting me here.