Tantric Alchemy for Lovers

A 5-week erotic immersion with Nikka Karli to liberate the #SacredAF sex goddess or warrior you KNOW you hold inside so you can finally unleash your full orgasmic potential into every last cell of your body… your relationships… and the work of your soul


Y’all Ain’t Ready

Oh I know, I know.

You THINK you’re ready.

You even tell yourself, on the regular, that you were BORN ready.

But when the lights go on, and all eyes are on you… 

You’re shook.

Not of the sex or the intimacy you pretend to allow into your life.

No. I’m talking about the kind of intimacy that wrecks you.

The kind of depth and vulnerability that yank the fucking breath from your lungs and leave you crawling in the dirt, mewling, as you struggle to remember your own name.

The level of trust that would mean you not only had to look into the very depths of your soul… but you had to allow someone else to bare witness to whatever it was that you found.

And when you get really real with yourself…

When you stop working yourself into oblivion with the hopes of ignoring the glaring lack of this witnessing in your life…

You come to know one thing:

You’ve Been Playing Yourself Since Day One

And by playing yourself I mean that you have taken stock of the shit that scares you in the areas of love, partnership, orgasm, and intimacy…

And stuck your head in the proverbial sand, secretly waiting for the day that you’ll be found out by the ones you care about… The ones you want to matter to most because they matter to YOU most.

Afraid that you will be found out as someone who has only allowed those people into your first heart {and I’m talking about lovers, friends, clients, patrons, audiences, and family alike}.

Your first heart is the level reserved for passing acquaintances… the world at large.

The second heart, that’s for the people you truly care about, but with some limitations.

The third heart, though?

That’s the real stuff.

The raw, wild, immutable intimacy that legends and tales are made of.

It’s where you become known, and where you know others.

And it’s reserved for a select few. The Real Ones.

At least, that’s what the third heart would be for… if you had ever unlocked it.

But, you cracked the door on the cage of your third heart long ago, took one look at what you thought you saw, and buried the damn key.

And now… Now your cage is getting rusty.

As in, the rabbit’s getting old and you’re getting tired of the creaking, grating sound of unrelenting metal polluting your blood and your soul.

And You Want Out


Out of the cage that you have ensorcelled yourself into all these years.

You {and your third heart} want to taste clean air and finally be free.

But there’s a problem:

You’ve been on lock down for so long that you have no idea what it’s going to take to liberate your heart, let alone your orgasmic pleasure and the erotic pathways of your body.

And there’s something you haven’t admitted to yourself before, I mean not really.

Because if you admitted it, you’d have to also admit that you were scared shitless of it, and being scared just isn’t your MO.

So you pretended and denied and ignored and overrode it with everything you had.

Oh… that thing? The one thing you want almost more than anything?

It’s this:

To Be Known

Not that superficial first heart type shit.

No. I’m talking about the third heart level of knowing.

The kind of knowing that only a few will ever get to experience with you, and you with them.

But that’s the trouble, isn’t it?

Because it goes both ways.

To know another, you have to also let them know you.

And you’re terrified of someone, anyone, seeing that deeply into you.

Not because you think you’re a horrible person.

Or because you think you’re weak and couldn’t handle it.

Just the opposite actually.

What freezes your body and robs your mind of all conscious awareness is not fear of what you’re lacking.

It’s the fear of what you are.

Even more aptly, the fear of WHO you are.

Because who you are is pure power.

The kind of power that strikes like lightning and leaves everyone around you gasping at the cosmic reality to which they’ve just had the honor of bearing witness.

But you were taught that holding that kind of power meant you’d be alone.


Because who would want you if they knew you held the power of kings and queens between your thighs?

Who would be able to walk beside you when the magnitude of your power told them they should kneel and bow at your feet?

Every fable we ever read told us a story of the heroine/hero losing everything {and everyone} once they actualized into their power and knowledge of self.

And who wants to condemn themselves into a barren existence of isolation and people cowering when they come near us?

And so you’ve downplayed your brilliance and, in turn, your orgasmic potential and desire.

Because your capacity for sexual aliveness is directly tied to the fluency of your power within your body.

In order to untame our erotic nature, we must first unlock the cage in which we’ve trapped our essence and Truth.

Why you need this now

Because when your love life is stagnant or painful, it hangs over your head and completely eradicates your creativity and expression… which then limits your impact and capacity for actually getting work done.

It also means you drag your old shit into your current or new relationships.

Meaning you never actually surrender into true partnership.

Not with your partner, with your God, or with your soul.

It also means your nervous system is always in fight/flight because there’s a huge part of your life you're not dealing with.

Read that again.

How can we be lovers if we can’t be friends...
How can we start over when the fighting never ends...
Baby, how can we make love if we can’t make amends...
— Michael Bolton

And maybe you’ve now found someone with whom want to share your third heart.

Except… you’re taking out your unmet childhood needs on them, and you’re terrified {underneath it all, in the dark of night} that you’re about to fuck this sideways because you still haven’t been able to understand why you run, or why you can’t calm down completely in a relationship, or why your body doesn’t feel safe to completely surrender.

Maybe short-term surrender feels good, but long-term? Shiiiit. Not today.

Which is why…

It’s Time To Revolutionize The Fuck Out Of Your Birthright of Pleasure, Intimacy, & Freedom

So I’m calling your soul to the table.

You ready?

This is Tantric Alchemy for Lovers

A 5-week erotic immersion with Nikka Karli to liberate the #SacredAF sex goddess or warrior you KNOW you hold inside so you can finally unleash your full orgasmic potential into every last cell of your body… your relationships… and the work of your soul.

We’ll go ovaries/balls deep on how to integrate tantric wisdom with nervous system support, movement freedom, and sports psychology to help you maintain a secure and integrated identity outside of your intimacy, relationships, and sex… so that you stay fully committed to your sexual liberation and also to the work of your soul.

I’m offering this workshop as a part of my major in Tantric Sex with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality {in which I’m honored to be a Senior Teacher} and holy hell, Batman… is shit about to get real.

Why? Glad you asked.

{Ok, I’m imagining you asking since, you know, you’re still here ;) }

This is where you say “F The Bullshit” and go all in on breaking free from the bars around who you are… so you can step into an erotic exploration of desire, art, and soul.

And this is where you, once again, learn to hold pleasure as sacred… as you awaken to the reverence and devotion of your own sexual expression.

We’re about to create a new dialect, a holy communion between your breath, your skin, your power, and your desire.

You will understand how to not only transmute your sexual energy into what you are ready to make manifest in the bedroom, but to also focus it into the areas of your life that are begging for their own honeyed elixir of freedom.

This is a deep excavation of who you thought you had to be…

And then the burial of those bones into fertile ground, as you fully return, instead, to the Truth of who you came here to be.

In your body.

In your art.

In your relationships.

In the longings of your soul.

Fair Warning

If you’re looking for a quick fix that will help you circumvent the real work in your love life, this is not the place.

What this is, however, is a body-based tantric exploration into the depths of what it means to be in real partnership…

With your lover… with your expression… and with your instinctual and unapologetic pleasure.

Because in order for us to reach our full Orgasmic Potential in the bedroom, we must first understand why we haven’t already set it free.

An understanding which will not only allow us to lay an exquisite foundation from which we can begin experiencing the most erotic freedom we have ever known…

But to also bring our partner(s) along for the ride.

As such, what you won’t find here is some type of “crash course” into Tantra and liberation.

If that’s what you’re after, look elsewhere.

Instead, what you’re about to discover is a softening of the armor around your womxnhood or masculinity…

A deepening into your Primal Self that allows you to find secure footing on your own sacred earth.

If that feels like a resounding howl throughout the ley lines of your body, then I’m your huckleberry.

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The Erotic Excavation

During our time together, you will become exquisitely attuned with Tantric Sex and Intimacy…

Using the following ceremonies and conversations as a portal:

➳ Module 0 // The Jump Off {BONUS AUDIO SERIES}

This alone is worth the investment into this workshop because I’m providing you with an entire behind-the-scenes training on some of the most profound tools and rituals I’ve used to help private clients, teams, retreat participants, and group clients to break through conditioned patterns and traumas that had previously held them captive for years, but you get it for free once you enroll. {Opens 11/11/19}

In it, I break down the bones of what it takes to understand the systemic trauma, stress, and addictive patterns that have been clogging up your nervous system and making it damn near impossible for you to even ALLOW the intimacy, pleasure, and erotic liberation that you want, into your body…

All in a way that is applicable to people who, you know, have lives to live and don’t want to spend 5-8 hours/day in healing and embodiment work. It’s fun to me, but I also get that I’m a weird little moon-stalker and most other people don’t have the same #lifegoals. :P

➳ Module 1 // De-Armoring Desire

Understand how to move beyond your sexual and emotional conditioning, while you safely cultivate an immutable knowing of who you are, without the masks and armor that have suffocated and shackled your sexuality and desire. 

➳ Module 2 // The Elemental Reveal

Here, we excavate your conditioned responses and internalized shame, blame, guilt, numbness, rage, sorrow, etc that have constricted your capacity for being fully met in sexual connection and partnership. You will begin Truth Speaking and asking for your desires like never before, in a way that completely turns on your soul.

➳ Module 3 // Energetic Ecstasy for Humans

Cultivate the ability to live in conscious co-creation and energetic ecstasy with God, art, and soul on a daily basis. You will learn how to begin dreaming your liberation into reality, while you are awake. 

➳ Module 4 // Sensitizing the Intimacy Body

Learn to reawaken and attune with your inherent erotic nature, sexual energy, and internal body, as you learn to walk a lifelong path of exploration and resonance.

➳ Module 5 // Sensual Stroking

Make love through sacred touch, as you learn to navigate the exotic and holy terrain of your body {and that of your partner} with deep presence and transmission.

➳ Module 6 // Full Body Orgasmic Worship

Here, we will unleash your turn on and pleasure throughout your entire Being, including The Five Bodies: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, and Spiritual. You will understand how to Climax and Create, from a place of overflow, as you expand your nervous system’s capacity to hold pleasure and be seen. 

➳ Module 7 // Bridging God & Your Sexuality

Consecrate your devotion as you return to a place of reverence and worship within your sexual self, with the full expression of God and Universe moving through your body and turn on. You will be able to access your deepest essence once again, through an interconnectedness with everything and everything within you. 

➳ Module 8 // Primal Sexuality

Full-bodied, primordial breathwork and movement that will offer you deep release and surrender into the archetypal remembrance of all that is… The Creator and Annihilator. Destruction and Rebirth. The darkness and the light. The knowing and the mystery… Learn to experience yourself {and others} through the liberation of your Primal integration and expression.

➳ Module 9 // Sex Magic for Lovers

There is deep medicine and magic in you… and here you begin to understand how to transmute and alchemize them into the highest good of all involved. You will be in service to your own liberation, but knowing it is nothing without the liberation of all. You will welcome freedom from illusion and learn to love your own “humaning”, so that you become more and more willing to experience it all, including the deepest, rawest, wildest intimacy and pleasure evahhhh.

➳ Module 10 // Chakral Intimacy & Lovemaking

Here you will curate your Orgasmic Reality by moving your turn on through your chakras, over {and over} again. This is a path of reawakening to your true nature, while you create a thriving sexual ecology for each unique portal within your life. 

It’s Time

Don’t you wish you just fucking KNEW how to unleash the #SacredAF sex goddess or warrior you hold inside, in a way that actually fills you up instead of draining you and causing more chronic distress to your nervous system?

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The Down & Dirty

During our 5 weeks together, you will receive:

➳ Twice weekly video calls {on Tuesdays and Fridays}, with teachings, live practices, and personal coaching

➳ Recordings of each live call, with access for as long as the interwebs remain up and running

➳ Audio mixtapes with my signature Wild Nectar Practices™ to help you excavate the fuck out of your pleasure and orgasmic potential

➳ Weekly Eros & Excavation homework assignments to help you fully embody our work together


We will officially begin on November 11, 2019, with our first call taking place on Tuesday {the 12th}.

The alchemical tools that will be guiding our path:

➳ Ancient breathwork practices

Lineage-based tools to help you create a channel of erotic energy throughout your entire body, while opening into the deepest safety and trust your body has likely ever known

➳ Pussy/penis massage

Sacred touch and sensual stroking to ignite the fire within your primal vessel, in a way that invites deep consent, both for yourself and your partner(s) {can be done in self pleasure, in partnership, or both}

➳ Primal sound and movement

From shaking to howling to birthing, and everything in between, we will completely wring out your pleasure, liberation, and soul

➳ Inner child integration

A space of invitation for the lost and disowned parts of your psyche and identity, one where you learn to welcome your whole self to the table

➳ Tantric sex magic rituals

Here we transmute sexual energy into desire and freedom, through body-based consciousness re-encoding, sensate focus, and elemental expansion 

But, On The Real…

I’m sure what you really want to know is this:

How good will it actually get… for me/us?

Not just in theory, but in my/our physical, everyday life?

And here’s my response:

As good as you’ll let it become.

Meaning, if you’re seeking full body orgasms, we’ll cover that.

And if you’re looking for more connection and mutually satisfying experiences with your partner or different aspects of your body, we’ll cover that too.

Aaaannnddd if you’re interested in feeling completely whole, liberated, and expressed in your sexuality, we’ll cover that as well.

But at the heart of it all, is your personal level of commitment to pleasure, healing, and growth.

So My Question To You Is This:

How deep are you willing to go?

If your answer is all the way, I invite you to join us below.

…And we’ll see just how deep this erotic rabbit hole goes.

Questions? Ask away.

Click above right now to join at the beta price, with a single upfront payment or installment plan


Look, I’m Not Going To Lie To You

I have a… very special set of innate talents that are going to help you own the fuck out of your orgasmic potential in every way.

And those talents include a deep integration of sexy ass, lit AF primal energy with some super sensual, emotionally-grounded earth energy.

In other words, I will help you catalyze your pleasure while also regulating your nervous system the entire time.

Because until you expand your body’s capacity for pleasure and intimacy, you won’t allow it into your life.

Not for any meaningful period of time, anyways.

So together, we’re going to walk the spaces between the feminine and masculine, between the sacred and the mundane…

And we’re going to turn you alllll the way on.

Because I’ve found THE way to have exactly what you want, all the way into the deepest underworld of your soul, and it’s this:

Self-permission to go all in and bare your everything.

Which I fully believe you deserve…

And I’m about to help YOU believe you deserve {and are able to handle} as well.


About Your Guide, Nikka Karli


Soul Medicine Woman | Erotic Muse | Moon Stalker | Storyteller | Sex Coach | Body Poet | Ceremonial Activist

I’ve spent the last two + decades using sports psychology, movement, and energy healing to guide powerhouse athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and executives into the reclamation of sovereignty within their own bodies.

And one thing I know today is this: We alone hold the keys to our freedom… and that when we shake off the shackles around the Wild we hold inside, we unlock our creativity and unleash our capacity for impact in the world. {You can read more about my methodology here.}

I lead {Re]Wilding Quests, Ceremonies, and Intensives into the the heart of the world’s jungles {and other potent “between spaces”} for Creators, Healers, and Wisdom Keepers who have received the Call to further excavate the Truth of Who They Are.

You can find me living and creating at the crossroads of archetypal storytelling, sensual body movement, and elemental + erotic remembrance.

I am a student of perennial creativity, indigenous wisdom, and the primal untaming of our own lives… and am obsessed with how we can leverage our preeminence, sexual energy, and art to activate the socioeconomic change we are here to midwife into the world.


+ Can I do Tantric Alchemy for Lovers {TAL} if I’m single?

Hellz yes. If you’re single, TAL is about creating some seriously epic shifts that will transform your capacity for being in relationship.

It’s a deliciously intimate container that will help you embody the vibrational frequency of the lover and partnership you desire in your life, for whenever you’re ready to step into that desire.

+ Can I do TAL if my partner isn’t interested?

Most definitely. We will work together on how you’re showing up in your relationship and help you get really clear on your desires, pleasure, and orgasmic mastery. From there, you will be able to share what you’re learning and knock your partner’s socks off with all your new skillz. ;)

+ Can I join TAL if I’m in active trauma?

As I am not a therapist, and this is not a therapy-based container, if you are experiencing active/unprocessed trauma, you will need to work with a trauma specialist {preferably body-based} before working with me or joining TAL.

+ Do you have a payment plan?

Yup yup. You’ll see an option for full pay and an option for a payment plan on the checkout page.

+ Do you have a money-back Guarantee?

I offer deep, connected soul work. As such, I do not provide refunds in any of my programs or services.

If you are unsure, you can enjoy the extensive library of free content I have on my podcast, site, Instagram/IGTV, and YouTube channel.

You can also contact me here with any questions.

And if you’ve never worked with me, you can start with my free program, Scale Your Impact™, to see how I roll…

Of course, above all, you can tune in and listen to your body’s wisdom and if this program is a yes, sign up today. Awww sookie sookie, now…

So… What Are You Waiting For?

There’s something about deep intimacy and make-you-see-God orgasms on the regular that can feel… unfathomable.

Like how do I give myself this deeply to another human and also still stay fully committed to the work of my soul?

I’ve been there. Still am, in some ways. Because it’s a process. And the old conditioning will always win out unless you are doing the work to re-encode your body’s consciousness for what you really desire.

I spent my life believing I had to choose between deep intimacy and deep creativity, mission, and soul.

I’ve always rocked at sex and sensual aliveness and how to interweave it into everything I touch…

But I never went all in on either my art or love life because there was a constant friction of needing to “choose”.

But my soul didn’t want to choose.

She wanted both, craved both, and believed in both.

The real problem with breaking the pattern of keeping an ongoing battle between intimacy and soul?

You think you have time.

Time to get into alignment with the people you love and go deep on intimacy and next level sexual connection.

But that means you’re working with the frequency of “some day”, which, when you get really real with yourself, is the frequency of:

“I’m going to keep putting this off as long as I can and distract myself with as many things as possible so I don’t have to think about how committed I am to avoidance instead of pleasure.”

But deep down, you have the worry that your partner or loved ones won’t wait. Why would they? I mean, you wouldn’t. Right?

Oh… And if you’re really craving that soulmate, bare-your-everything type of conscious partnership?

Muse on this, Wild One:

If your partner was intimacy-avoidant, you’d peace out and feel oh-so-fucking justified at leaving.

So you have this deep-seated fear that the person/people who matter to you most are going to finally wake up, notice how superficially you’ve kept what you claim to be the most important relationships of your life, and head for the hills.

And if you’re not already in deep partnership, you’re scared shitless to even allow it into your body and life… because, well , see above.


And why would you want to purposely set yourself up for that much heartache?

Or, maybe not even heartache because you’re so damn good at loving someone and allowing them to love you and still not be all the way in.

So maybe it’s not heartache you’re afraid of…

Maybe, just maybe, it’s that you’ll never let yourself be that free.

To experience such wild abandon and liberation within your own body and sex.

Maybe, just maybe, what wakes you up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night is that the constriction you feel around your lungs and your soul is going to stay there sandlot style.

Aka: For-Ev-Errrrrrr.

Not to name call or anything but… you’re not much of a caretaker.

You’re more of a powerhouse, take-no-prisoners and get-shit-done kind of a person… at least, that’s who you are when you’re acting in deep alignment with your innate truth.

But when you’re not?

You drop into a place of stagnation and freeze, and then you choose partners and begin to create art from that space of disconnection.

And because you’re not a caretaker naturally, you have this little {ok, orca big} fear that maybe this whole conscious partnership thing is just not for you.

Like, maybe, you have to be willing to give up your creative drive to do more, serve more, create more, be more… in order to have the kind of legendary sex and intimacy that the ancient texts wrote about.

And the deepest fear under it all?

That no matter how hard you “try”, you’re going to end up as that crazy artist who lives alone on a mountain, shaking your fists up at the heavens, trying to remember how to call down some semblance of humanity.

The one everyone says is so brilliant, so powerful, omg did you see the last thing they wrote/choreographed/painted but ugh it’s so sad that they just can’t ever seem to get the whole humaning thing down, it’s such a shame that they can produce such depth and intimacy and beauty with their art, but not in their own relationships, no, never in their own relationships.

Look, I know it can seem like you need to put everything else before intimacy and pleasure.

And sometimes, the shit we throw in front of our erotic freedom can look and smell and taste allllllmost like right.

But deep down, we KNOW when we’re hiding from the Truth of our souls.

So if you’re ready to step into the sacred remembrance of your sex and how you exist in your own skin, join us now, Wild One.

Because you’re ready.

As always…

Here’s to your Untaming,



As creators, we don’t do shit that’s out of alignment

But that means that until we GET into alignment with our own emotional and energetic body, and learn how to live from that place, we will never go all in on who we came here to be.

Because the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

And if you’re dipping your toes into intimacy, you’re also dipping your toes into your mission in this world.

You don’t have to be in a relationship to do this work.

So if Resistance is trying to deter you with that bullshit, witness it… and let it go.

In fact, your relationship status is pretty irrelevant.

What does matter is that you show up and do this work in your own body first and then bring it into any relationship you commit to being a part of.

So if you’re tired of having frantic or disassociated energy that you can never seem to fully ground…

In the bedroom, in the way you ask for your desires, in the way you own your sexuality, in the way you create and “ship” the work for your soul…

Then you do not have another moment to waste.

Or you do, I guess.

Because you can choose to keep fighting yourself and never fully committing to who you say that you are.

Up to you, right?

But what I’m offering you is the opportunity to go all the way in on the deepest work of your soul…

Which is the alchemical intersection of conscious business and conscious intimacy.

With your body, your lover, your art, and your soul.

Because you are ready.

Because this is the time.

Because you can have exactly what you fucking desire.

Tantric Alchemy for Lovers

A 5-week erotic immersion with Nikka Karli to liberate the #SacredAF sex goddess or warrior you KNOW you hold inside so you can finally unleash your full orgasmic potential into every last cell of your body… your relationships… and the work of your soul

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