Let’s Excavate Your Inner Wild Woman

{Scroll below if you'd like some yummy pre-quiz tips.}


Begin by creating space and expansion in your body and energetic field by closing your eyes, connecting to your body’s wisdom, and deepening into your breath.

Tune into your Source energy by dropping from your mind space into your sacred womanly wilds. {Sensually-alive music always helps me… Tricky, Damien Rice, Portishead, The XX, and Nina Simone are some of my go-to’s.}

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. Simply allow the answers to move through you, rather than trying to “choose” the best one.

You may be drawn to more than one answer and that’s perfectly beautiful. Feel into the one that best encompasses where you’ve been for the past year or more.

You may contact me here if you have any questions (or techy gremlins) with your archetype quiz and I will respond as soon as I am able.


Happy Wild Hunting, Gorgeous.