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wild woman untamed archetype quiz

Reclaim Your Erotic Freedom

This 90-second quiz will deepen and expand your capacity to receive pleasure, creativity, and unapologetic freedom.


you're about to uncover:

…Your current stage of Untaming

…How you feel about your body and your intuition

…How free you are with your expression of soul

…Your depth of connection with your Inner Wild Woman

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The quiz consists of 12 questions that have been deliciously curated to help you develop a depth of understanding into your Inner Wild Woman, why you crave her… and why you sometimes {maybe often} deny her.

The key is your surrender. So rather than responding with what you think you “should” say, FEEL into your body.

She always knows the way.


Click on the button below and you’ll be taken straight away to the quiz page.



You will be whisked over to your results page that shows you your current Stage of Untaming.

Next, you will receive a soulgasmic video series about the 3 levels of the Untamed Wild Woman so you can discover even more about both the Light and Shadow aspects within your Wild Woman Archetype…

And how they relate to your pleasure, power, and path.

You’ll hear from me everyday for about a week and a half, to ensure you are on your path and taking embodied action on your new Wild Ways.{yummmmmm}

After that, I’ll be in your lovely inbox a few times a week with a notification before I go live {on FB or IG, my radio show, and with my weekly vlog} and with a roundup of new sensual magic, embodiment, storytelling, and vision actualization yumminess.


Ready? Let’s play, Lover.