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Primal provocateur™

Wild Jungle Initiation into The Ancient Feminine for Women Who Howl at the Moon



The Initiation {4/4}:

re-encoding through remembrance

We all begin with the question ‘What am I, really? What is my work here?’...
— Dr. clarissa pinkola Estés

This Woman’s Work

We always begin the Deep Work with such a question as this ⇡⇡⇡.

An inquiry into the Knowing part of our psyche…

The space that carries the wisdom of the Ancient Feminine and gives zero fucks about what anyone else has to say about our Power or our Truth.

And with questions such as this, we are called to a greater awareness of who we are and our place in our own lives.


So let me ask you…

what if you were actually inspired by your mission again?

How would that begin to look in your life and expression?

How would it FEEL in your body and sex?


It’s all interconnected. Each piece plays off the next.

…Until we once again have a congruent + integrated Wholeness of who we Truly are, all the way down to the root of us.


And when that happens…

The world is going to know your name

Because we’re about to do the work to unlock your Primal Self and help you become the Turned On + Wild + Embodied Light Leader you came here to be.

And from there you will begin to book the stages

Write the bestseller…

Create the perennial masterpiece…

Oh, and also?

make a shit ton of money from who you ARE vs what you DO

Read that again.

So that it’s no longer about the specifics of what you offer but about the fact that it is YOU offering it.

This is Tribal Sovereignty and Primal Preeminence.

And this is what matters most right NOW.

Because this is where you recommit to the task at hand…

And choose, once and for all, to Goddess the Fuck Up.


we are Caretakers of the Earth

Which means it’s time to stop Abdicating Our Throne and to start DISTILLING DOWN and EXECUTING on the ideas and actions that will move the needle.


➳ This is how you cultivate even MORE “relevancy” in your industry.

Double bonus?

➳ This is how you learn to efficiently allocate your time, energy, and {Re}Sources.

Triple Backflip Bonus?

➳ This is how you become the ONLY option in the hearts and minds of your soulmate tribe in your space when it comes to what you ALONE can do.

Awwwww sookie, now.

And I need you to know this:

Around HERE, we scale through pleasure… and Remembrance

Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush.

Time is of the essence.


We are at a crossroads

And We have been tasked with Dreaming a New World into Being

And if even one of us forsakes their task…

The Collective will be diminished.

And the People we are here to serve will suffer.

But we get to choose.

In this moment, in this breath…

You and I get to CHOOSE.

And because you are here, reading this, dropping into your own Wilds…

I am asking you to say yes

➳ Yes to owning the fuck out of any stage you walk onto {or any room you enter}.

➳ Yes to scaling your Genius and impact into a global platform of social change.

➳ And yes to developing unshakable conviction and resiliency in who you are, why you’re here… and what to do about it right NOW.

And I am inviting you to Quest with me

For 5 days and 6 nights

…In the heart of Mama Earth.

…In the jungles that take no prisoners {and require us to bare our everything}.

Our village Landing Point has arrived.

Will you be one of the first Edge Walkers to Call Down the Wilds with me?

If your answer is “YESSSSS Goddess, let’s play!”

Then click below to read about the logistics and request your invitation.

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Here’s to Your Untaming,