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Primal provocateur™

Wild Jungle Initiation into The Ancient Feminine for Women Who Howl at the Moon


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Wild One,

You are now among the Few, the Wild… the Provocateurs.

And I am so deeply excited that you have chosen to take decisive action from your Intuitive Truth and apply for this sacred container.

This is probably one of the scariest things you’ve ever applied to…

Because it is a stripping down and de-armoring of everything you have BEEN so that you can unravel and initiate into The Wilds of Your Soul.

There is no business course for this.

There is no study hall to help you cram for this.

There is only- ONLY- initiation.

…And you have taken the first step to reclaim your everything.

So let me take this moment to honor you, Goddess… From the depths of my bones.

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here’s a bit more about the quest

This is a portal for your Intuitive Nature to be {Re}Birthed… and Untamed.

I know this is the Work that needs to be done because whenever I pretend that it isn’t, my business and life come to a stand still.

And, probably most importantly to me… so do my creativity and Turn On.

We all have the Things That Make Life Worth Living.

And for me, it’s how expressed and orgasmically alive I feel.

Because it is from those two energies that I am able to do the Work I am here to do… and from there live in energetic ecstasy and conscious co-creation with God, Art, and Soul.

And if these kinds of things matter to you as well {in whatever way it might look for you}, then this Work can be your portal as well.

a reminder of what you’ll receive

➳ A rustic luxury experience of staying in your own private treehouse + bathroom

➳ 5 days AND 6 nights accommodation to ensure you have time to settle in before we begin

➳ 3 deliciously curated meals from a private chef and local owners each day

➳ Experiential practices and ceremonies to help you re-encode your creativity, pleasure, impact, mastery, and freedom on a BODY LEVEL

➳ A tribal remembrance of what it means to co-create and unravel in the arms of women, as a part of a “village” immersion

➳ Storytelling, planning, and stage presence from the depths of The Oracle Between Your Thighs {priceless!}

➳ A minimum of 3 {Re}Wilding Projects to help you take embodied action on what matters most right NOW

➳ Strategic SoulPrints that will reawaken your inner Activist {so that you stop talking ABOUT the change and BECOME it instead}

➳ Primal Power Hot Seats, where you will receive 1:1 guidance and feedback on how to make your message even more captivating and intoxicating

➳ 8 weeks of group coaching following our Jungle Quest to help you fully integrate and embody the Work in your daily life and business

➳ Erotically crafted gifts and {Re}Sources to drop you into the deepest pleasure and reverence you’ve ever known

Nikka Karli

what happens next

I will be reviewing applications as they come in and will respond to those who I feel are a soulgasmic fit for this Work at this time.

There are only a select few spots at this Quest, for good reason.

I want to go suuuuper deep with each of you {and for you to go super deep with one other… and with yourself}.

This is VERY important:

I am only willing to accept women who are 100% committed to their own Untaming AND to that of the greater collective.

This is not a space to dip in your toes and see if you maybe kinda sorta MIGHT want to step into Light Leadership.

You must be ready to show up and do the Work.

This is not for the faint of heart and it will not be a “retreat” in the sense that you’ll just lay around in the sun the whole time {yes, of course, there will be beach time but no, lounging about will not be the MAJORITY of our time}.

So if you’re just looking for a “get-away”, this is not that {but thank you for applying anyways!}.

What this IS is a Quest… meaning you will be doing Deep Inquiry into who you are… why you’re here now… which inhibitions, stories, and wounding are diminishing your efforts… and which immediate actions will move the needle in major ways while filling UP your cup {instead of draining you dry}.

So… within the next few days, I will reach out to the few of you whose energy resonates most with this container.

We will then set up your Initiation Interview.

Be ready to get raw and real about where you are now, where you want to be, why you feel you aren’t there yet… and why THIS is the path and collaboration for you.

Nikka Karli

If I do reach out to you…

you must be a full-bodied yessssss to the following:

➳ Be fully present and dropped in during our time in the jungle, without distraction or egoic meanderings.

➳ Be able to stay in the jungle for 5 full days and participate in each part of the Quest.

➳ Have an adequate level of health and fitness to participate in primal body movements, excursions, and moderate-to-rigorous physical activities.

➳ Believe in the life-altering alchemy that comes when you commit to your Wild Ways and begin integrating them into the way you make art, make love, and make an impact.

➳ The {one time} Soul Investment for our Work together is $10,000 USD... You must have the abundance and consciousness capacity to not only make this investment, but to stay connected to your pleasure throughout our time together, without scarcity or fear overruling your experience.

➳ If you are offered one of the spots for our Quest, you will be given a ONE TIME ONLY opportunity to join us with a Pre-Pay investment of $8500 {there are also installment plans available, if you desire some extra support in making your investment ♕︎︎︎}.

➳ Trust the process… yes you will stretch… yes this will be challenging… and yes you will go home a Wildly different woman… And you must be EXCITED about this, even if it is mixed in with some fear and trepidation.

So, if I feel you are meant to be one of the women on this Quest, you will receive an email from me within the next few days with a link to set up your Initiation Interview.

If you receive an invitation to the interview but this isn’t a soulgasmic yes for you, it’s all to the good. Know that I am loving you and celebrating you on your path! Please just email me back to let me know that this Quest isn’t a yummy fit for you right now.

And if you are one the Goddesses who does receive an email from me, I just want to say awwwwwww yeahhhhhh… let’s get it! ☾︎


Loving you madly and deeply,



Oh, one more thing…

If I do reach out to you, I will send you a copy of your application answers for you to reference on our call {or just to peruse before you head into the jungle}.

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