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Primal provocateur™

Wild Jungle Initiation into The Ancient Feminine for Women Who Howl at the Moon



Your Invitation:

All hail… the power of the pussy

If your yoni and soul and all.the.things. are thrumming with a resounding FUCK YES to this Work…

Then you are hereby Orgasmically Invited to…


a wild woman quest in the jungle

5 days & 6 nights of Ritual, Initiation, & Untaming

{Quests will have space for up to 12 Wild, Sacred Goddesses}

This is an Experiential Excavation into your Soul, where we will play with many “tools”, such as…

Jade egg practices and orgasmic breathwork to track and release wounding so that you can reactivate The Fire of the Ancient Feminine throughout your ENTIRE body

{Re}Wilding Rituals™ for unleashing your full erotic potential and unlocking hidden reservoirs of pleasure… awakening your raw wild creative power and voice

Tribal Activation of the Sovereign Goddess in a village of unique, succulent Edge-Walkers


Wild Wanderings will include…

▼ Ancient Goddess Archetypal Storytelling

▼ Primal Preeminence + Platform Growth

▼ Wild Nectar Pussy Practices

▼ Soul Path Distillation

▼ Lunar + Earth Based Planning

▼ Feminine + Moon Cycle Integration

▼ Body-Based Consciousness Re-Encoding

▼ Art as Activism

▼ Primal Self Re-Integration

▼ Wild-Embodied Stage Presence

upcoming quests

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Dancing over the bones

This Quest is happening June 2020

We will be diving into the {Re}Birth of our Primal Self and Sex Magic as the Portal.

This is where you own the fuck out of your Power and Truth…

And say yessssss to your most Turned On impact, mastery, and freedom evahhhh.

We will be staying in… get this… TREEHOUSES!

Yup, the stuff that creative dreams are made of…

You will have your own treehouse {with private bathroom}, 3 succulent local meals/day, Wild Excursions, fire circles, our own yoga palapa, and so much more.

This all-inclusive Quest {yassss!} will also include your ground transportation, depending on your arrival and departure {holy shitballs, Batman!}.

You will leave feeling inspired, grounded, primal, and turned on as FUCK.

{Erotic Muse over here, remember?}


And you will have completed at least 3 {Re}Wilding Projects™ BEFORE you even head back home.

{Think: finishing your book proposal, choreographing your next performance, crafting your upcoming talk, designing your next retreat, etc…}

Because Primal Remembrance + Embodied Action = Preeminent Platform of Social Change

You will also receive 8 weeks of Tantric Sex Coaching after our Quest, to help you continue to integrate and embody the Work we do in the jungle.

we will Initiate Through the following Medicinas:

Cycle: {Re}Wild
Element: Fire {Ether will also be present}
Direction: South {Center will also be present}
Primary Ancient Goddess Archetype: Wildress {Mystic will also be present}
Animal Medicine: Hawk

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Nikka Karli.JPG

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The show, the afterparty, the ripple effect

this Jungle Soul Vision Quest is about Helping you remember how to:

Understand the signals your body is giving you

➳ Master the art of getting massive shit done while staying in alignment with nature, your intrinsic cycles, and desires

Heal the soul wounds and old stories that are keeping you from going to the next level in art, leadership, life, and love… from the “body out”…

{NOTE: this is NOT the “mindset work” you’ve done before that helped you shift for 2 months and then rebound to exactly where you were before you started, guaranteed.}

The time has come…

For you to become so deeply Wild, Creative, and Untamed in your own skin that everything you touch is infused with your own Primal Pussy Power.

From the Stage… to the Page… to the Bedroom.

And everywhere in between.

You in? Mmmmmmm…

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So… I guess the only question left is this:

Are you one of us?


Cancellation Policy

I know that sometimes, life happens.

So if you have a serious medical emergency, you may receive a transfer to a future retreat or we can arrange something else that works for us both.

If, however, you’re canceling for any other reason {ie: I’m freaking out, I overextended myself, I have too much going on, I forgot to arrange childcare or doggie daycare, etc}, you will NOT receive a refund. This is a firm policy so please be sure to only invest with full conscious commitment to yourself, Primal Provocateur, and the other Goddesses on this journey with you. Thank you!

Questions? Please contact me here.