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Primal provocateur™

Wild Jungle Initiation into The Ancient Feminine for Women Who Howl at the Moon


The Initiation {1/4}:

Your Mind is Fucking With You

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
— Joseph Campbell

This is an intro of sorts…

To help you understand the Current State of Affairs for the Women Who Once Were Wild

And why NOW is the time for us to reclaim our Intuitive & Instinctual Nature if we are ever going to fully do the Work we came here to do {and become completely and orgasmically Untamed in who we came here to be}.

But first…


Fair warning:

Before I will invite you to Quest with me in the heart of the jungle…

I have to give you some Conscious Context.

Because to do otherwise would be a disservice to us both {and to the Wild Sex + Story + Soul Magic we are being asked to “call down” together}.

So here we go…

The next few pages are probably going to piss you off because I’m about to shine a light on something we’ve all been taught about success and desire…

Something you’ve probably adopted wholeheartedly as Truth… but that’s kinda maybe sorta been a colossal time fuck instead {ouch… and also WTF?!}.

And so you’ll probably want to pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about here.


We both know you do.

Or, at least you WILL if you’re able to suspend your acceptance of one “little piece” about success that everyone else is teaching…

Oh? And this thing that they’re teaching?

It’s actually KILLING YOUR LIBIDO and costing you priceless MOMENTUM {you know, like the kind you can never get back}.

Pretty shitty of them, eh?

And this thing that we’re told is the holy grail of success {but is actually suffocating our CREATIVE EXPRESSION and TURN ON and MEANING in life instead} is this:


“Do the Mindset Work and All is Coming”

Except it’s NOT, right?


I mean, you’ve been at this personal growth thing for years {decades maybe}.

And you’re still not… Home.

Because no matter how many affirmations you say… no matter how many times you repeat a Westernized “mantra”… and no matter how many times you commit to “changing your thoughts”… you will, inevitably, still be the SAME PERSON you were before you started.

…BECAUSE you will not have done the Deep Work on the CONSCIOUSNESS level that would allow you to actually transform your Transcendental Belief Systems, your Body-Mind, or your Primal Habitat {We’ll go SUPER DEEP into these when we meet in the jungle for our Quest}.

Which MEANS that at the end of the day, no matter how amazing the program or training or event you attended was… you will return to operating at the same old {INEFFECTIVE} frequency you were on before…

And you will not experience the necessary shifts that will take you to the next level in your soul’s work.

Oh… And you will forever remain feeling like you don’t quite belong and have been set adrift from your soul {read: fuckin’ ayyyyy}.

So that -even after all the mindset work- you’re still left feeling like you aren’t truly at “home” in your own body and life.

Now, I don’t know about you {OK, I kinda do, since you’re here}, but I for one am 100% NOT AVAILABLE for that kind of life.

So what’s a freedom-seeking, change-making kinda Goddess to do next?

Why take radical responsibility for who she’s Being… in order for her to shift into who she needs to BECOME, of course.

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I call this {Re}Wilded woman a Primal Provocateur™…

And you’re reaaallllyyy gonna to want to start embodying Her

Because this is how you Initiate into The Ancient Feminine… AND how you become the intoxicating obsession of your audience… your lover{s}… and your soulmate tribe.

So if you’re ready and willing to turn your art and message into the change you want to see in the world…

It’s time to stop Abdicating Your Throne and fully awaken the Goddess you hold inside.

I know you’re probably already talking a really good game though

Half convincing yourself that you are already Wild and Erotic and FREE.

…And trying to create, lead, and love from a space of Make Believe Turn On.

I know because I used to be able to do this too…

Even when I still felt pissed off at God for me being down here, I could talk about how focused and committed I was to my mission on this planet.

And how delicious and free I felt in my own body.

Except, when you have an internal frequency of resentment and mistrust, that “commitment”…?

Well, it starts to look a bit more like…

a hummingbird on crack.


You know, touching down for like 30 seconds and then flying around, darting back and forth between other sweet-looking things…

Until she decides to touch down again for another 30 seconds, gets distracted, moves on to the next flower…

And on and on {…and on}.

AKA: No real commitment… which means no real grounding… which means no real IMPACT.

Le sigh.

And with this lack of commitment comes the One Thing that all Creative Souls Who Want To Shift The Fabric Of The Universe fear with a hollow echoing through their bones…




You Already Kinda knew this though, didn’t you?

You’ve had this sneaky suspicion in the back of your mind that the alarming + sudden drop in your sexual desire and the not-so-surprising drop in how connected you are to your soul’s work are actually related.

You’re right.

In fact… They’re one and the same.

{Say what, now?}

And yes I know, I know… There are moments of the Wild even now

Brief respites from the overall apathy and abdication that have become your way of life

And they are like these tiny pockets of Remembrance that allow you to pretend that yes yes yessss, you really are as Wild and Untamed and Free as you CLAIM you are.


You THINK you’re coming across like this:


When you’re really coming across like this:

That’s me. In the baseball cap. And awkward wide-legged capris... In a super sensual Expressive Yoga Dance® Teacher Training. Yeahhhh…

Yup, that’s me. In the baseball cap…

And awkward, wide-legged capris... In a super sensual Expressive Yoga Dance® Teacher Training. Yeahhhh…

{Insert face palm here.}

We are taught that to succeed and manifest our desires, we need only THINK our way through to the Promise Land.


But we are, almost certainly, left wanting

We have sacrificed our pleasure and Turn On for the accolades of the hustle

We have forgotten how to feel because we are so busy numbing out from our bodies and, instead, have begun an addictive spiral of feeding our lizard brain with activities and people who hammer in our old fears, doubts, and shame.

Which shows up as mentors and “goo-roos” and careers and lovers and health situations that are the physical manifestation of exactly who our beautifully Turned On and Creative and Wild 5-year-old self promised us we would NEVER be.

{I cry for Her just writing these words.}

And then we sit there… Wondering how it’s come to this

But what if, from this moment forward, we committed to RECONNECTING the pieces…

To tap into our Primal Pussy Power and awaken our Genius in such a way that we begin living in a deep, ecstatic embodiment of the Ancient Goddess Within?

Imagine how beautifully and reverently you would begin relating to your art and body and brand and relationships… and LIFE.


This is about serving more and sacrificing less…

Through the inherent Remembrance of our own Erotic Truth {we’ll dive waaayyyy deep into this in Part 3}.

Intrigued? Yum yum yummmmmm…

Then let’s dive into {PP} Part 2: Your body is the way

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Here’s to Your Untaming,