A podcast for Untaming the Primal Self

The {Re}Wilding Experience™ is a podcast for the Mystics, Mavericks, and Medicine People who howl at the moon… the Creators who are no longer content to mass produce “content” because they’re here to produce change… the Edge Walkers and Truth Bringers on the front lines of planetary healing and liberation for all. This podcast is a call to arms for The Ones Who Once Were Wild… and will be again.

Let’s get it.


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Ep 1 // Resistance vs Creative Capacity

+ Episode Details

In this episode of The {Re}Wilding Experience, I invite us into the excavation of how we are showing up in our creativity, energy body, and soul’s work in this world. Today's musings & medicine:

  • The Shadow Path that masquerades as the Soul Path
  • Primal Self Re-Integration™ as a waypoint for unraveling our identity and taking radical responsibility in our art and lives
  • The multiplying effects of the systemic ideation and beliefs that have been encoded into our bodies

Meta Inquiry

  • How do we apply a SEAL Team “strategy” for avoiding premature tapping out {aka quitting/squirrelling out/hitting the wall}?



Ep 0 // The Introduction

+ Episode Details

In this episode of The {Re}Wilding Experience, I... well... intro the show. ;) Enjoy.