Nikka Karli

Pussy Oracle Reading

Body-Based Breakthrough Intensive

{Guided by the Blood of the Moon}


Give me 28 days and I will teach you to…

speak the Language of the Oracle between your thighs

This is where you finally shift the area of your life that has been keeping you up at night and draining your time, energy, and sexual mojo.

Not by thinking about it but, rather, by dropping down and alchemizing it through your body.

This requires us {you and me, together} to re-encode the response of your pain-body, an excavation into the Wilds of you are and who you’ve been…

So that you can finally create the shift that’s been eluding you for so long.

The Deets

We begin with a 90-Minute virtual mini VIP Day

This Initiation Call is where we map out exactly what your yoni has been trying to tell you and how to integrate that into your creativity, pleasure, and impact.

You then receive 28 days of Voxer coaching

This is voice message coaching {think walkie talkie} to help you build momentum & touch base on any inhibitions, wounding, etc that arise after your Initiation Call.

We will stay in touch every weekday, without having to fit it into a set schedule.

This is about epic freedom and connection. {Yes, we get to have both!}

Bonus: One 20-min Erotic Embodiment Call each week

Each week of your intensive, we’ll meet AGAIN to distill down on anything you need and keep you moving forward on your desires.

It can be a whole lot easier to backslide into your old consciousness, than to keep upleveling. I won’t let you.

{You will receive a total of 4 Erotic Embodiment Calls.}

Why You, Why This, Why Now

This is where you begin to fully unleash your Erotic Energy into every area of your life and soul’s work…

And STILL have an abundance of energy left over for your relationships and people who matter most.

Oh, and because you are no longer willing to keep replaying the same story over and over and telling people that things are “going great” and that your “breakthrough is right around the corner”.

No. Fucking. More.

If your yoni and soul are a resounding yasssss to dropping into this Work…

Click the button below and enroll asap.

Once you do, I’ll send you your next steps and info on how to set up your Initiation Call.

It’s time, Goddess.

She’s been waiting.

for my Conscious Kings

If you’re interested in this intensive for yourself, sweetness! We will focus on your own Primal Energy and unleashing it every area you desire.

Same checkout, just shoot me an email and let me know you are of the beautiful male persuasion.

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