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We are The Wild Ones…

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the Mystics, the Mavericks, the Women Who Howl at the Moon…

And… We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting for.

intoxicating obsession of your soulmate tribe and

 Sexual Energy Transmutation is experiential…

You’ve got to just drop in.


The {Re}Wilding Grounds

Where Sexual Energy and Creative Mastery become a way of life

The {Re}Wilding Experience™ is a deep soul excavation for all my audiophiles out there. This is where archetypal storytelling and spoken word meet social justice, creative mastery, and sex magic… Grab your soy chai {or burdock root decotion} and listen in here.

The {Re}Wilding Projects™ are my multimedia stomping grounds to share my most creative inspo, ideation, and integration with my favorite peeps {aka: you}. Grab a notebook, some colored sharpies, your noise-reducing headphones, and dive in here.

My Sexual Energy Transmutation episodes are for my video and film lovers. Be forewarned: I suck at “films” right now. I haven’t even begun adding any editing or cinematic magic. Yet. But I have dropped hundreds upon hundreds of videos over the past few years. If you like documenting the journey and raw, wild creativity… you can find the latest here and here.

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Something about power 


Unleash Your Primal Pussy Power

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On Stage… On Page… & In The Bedroom.

And… We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting for.

Because it’s time to Remember who the fuck you ARE… so you can do the Work you came here to do.

{In a way that completely turns on your soul.}

Artists and Creators were born for a time such as this.

Audre Lorde 


Free multimedia course for creators

Take the Red Pill & See just How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes…

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