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“I don’t know why I even bother talking to anyone else…” Before Nikka came into my life, I was struggling with my money energy and standing in my power with my family. I decided to work with Nikka because I knew she would be able to help me change my relationship with money and help me to get the results I needed in my business.

Because of our time together, I have called in more money than I’ve had in the past 7 years and gained the confidence to share my message with the world (regardless of what my family and friends think I should be doing with my life). I have gained clarity, a complete shift in my capacity for attaining wealth, and the focus to get my business out into the world.
— Jen Jones | Business Systems Strategist |

“I can face any resistance that comes my way…” Before working with Nikka, I was struggling with fully opening up to myself and others. Holding in my fears of life, love, and a career I only envisioned but felt like there was a disconnect for it coming true. I decided to work with Nikka because I instantly felt a connection with her once I found her on Periscope. Although I first was trying to fight it, the law of attraction is and will forever be stronger. So with each meditation I continued to follow her, and with each morning I was drawn to her even more. Until one day, I could no longer fight it and I had to speak with her one on one. I decided to take action and actually do something for myself.

Since working together I have allowed myself to open up and become raw in my meditation, visualization, energy clearing and journaling. I have a new love for myself and I allow myself to journey into the future with confidence. I now know I can face any resistance that comes my way.
— Iman Newsome | Birth & Bereavement Doula, Photographer |


Crystal Teresa |

“This woman is a rock star…” I was excited to work with Nikka when the opportunity came my way! I was looking for support that would ignite my creative solutions for igniting growth for my business and I needed momentum FAST. I decided she was a perfect fit for me because of her crazy ability to motivate me in as little as a 5 minute conversation.

Nikka is such a fearless force of change and just what I need during this crucial phase of my business growth. After just one session I could not believe the amount of new exposure I received, clarity around my nemesis called social media (ick), and my new found ability to manifest the results I was seeking quicker than ever before.
— Jennifer Nesbit Holt | Creative Director
“I asked for clarity and I most definitely got it…” Before working with Nikka, I was struggling with my message and needed some clarity in my business. Nikka was able to pull out my message, ideal client and I got a lot of clarity after working with her. Since working with her, I have gotten new clients, increased my sales and am more confident in my offerings.
— Misty Shaheen | Health & Life Coach

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