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Scale Your Impact

How to Leverage the Art of Primal Self Re-Integration™ to Scale Your Genius into a Preeminent Platform of Social Change


{SYI} Lesson 3/6: The Art of Primal Self Re-Integration™ {prequel}


say my name

I’ve got good news and bad news

Let’s start with the bad {I’m a rip the bandaid off kind of Goddess}.

The bad news is that everything you have created up to this point is your living legacy.

The art… the love… the impact.

All of it.

Are you satisfied with it? If this were your last day on earth, could you truly say that you have completely wrung out your soul and bared your everything?

Or would your legacy be found… wanting?

OK, now shake that off. Because here’s the good news:

There is an ancient energy inside of you {inside of us all} that will not only allow you to create a legacy of cosmic proportions but also allow you to do it without sacrificing any of your current momentum or influence.

You want some of that action?

Yeah, I thought you might.

The way in is through

You’ve got be willing to go deeper than you ever thought possible into the HUNGER OF YOUR SOUL.

I’m not talking about some fanciful notion of being an artist or revolutionary.


I’m talking about the howling that has been raging in your marrow for your entire life, demanding to be set free.

The only problem with this desire?

You’re afraid it might actually kill you.

Not in the dramatic, morose kind of way.

But in the way of Knowing that comes with any of the Ancient Callings.

And I’ll be honest here… You’re right.


The wild just might kill you

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...Reality doesn’t impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.
— Anaïs Nin

A woman once asked me if working with the Ancient Feminine would call in all of her ancestors.

If, by unleashing the Wild, she would be attracting the pain and cruelty of certain ancestors she did not want to be in presence with ever again.

I know this fear around the power of the Ancient Feminine is present for a lot of women who are being called to {Re}Awaken the Wild within themselves.

The Ancient Feminine IS scary and raw and Wild and free.

She is all that we have spent a lifetime denying…


And She is everything that will set us free


But in order to truly be free, we must be willing to die.

Just a little.

Or maybe a lot.

In the end, we must be willing to sacrifice our Old Self at the altar of the Wild.

And once we begin, we must be willing and COMMITTED to seeing it through.

Trust me.

You cannot evoke the wild and quit halfway through

She will not allow it.

Which is why so many women, who have tasted of Her, drunk of Her nectar… are afraid to keep tasting.

They are afraid to drink Her fully down because once the Wild enters, there is no space left for foolishness.

Because the wild doesn’t play

She is here to clear us out of anything that holds us captive…

To gather our pieces that we have scattered to the wind…

And mold us back into a resonant temple that houses the Divine and allows Him/Her/It to work THROUGH us.

So let’s pause for the cause and give you a little kinesthetic-style learning intermission {woot woot!}.

This will open you more potently into your Wild Self… and why you haven’t been able to fully awaken Her up until now.

This is #goddessaf part 3:

{Re}Wilding as Goddess


Writing Prompts

Where are you feeling a longing to go deeper into yourself?

What fears come up around you actually going that deep?

Who do you feel you might “lose” in your life?

What shadow truths have you been speaking and living?

Why are you ready to release them now?

How do you plan on surrendering to the Wilds and reclaiming your power?

Where are the power leaks you need to plug in order to fully Walk as Goddess in your life?

What gifts have you been shying away from?

If you were sharing your message at the level you KNOW you’re being called to lead, what would shift for our planet?

What is your hesitation around facilitating this global shift?

What are two Truths you have inside of you that don’t quite seem to “fit” together?

How can you integrate them into your message and mission in a way that is uniquely and profoundly YOURS?

How are you being called to create a deep polarity in our world?

What do you fear might happen if you truly spoke and embodied this message?

And who would you have to show up as each day to be in full alignment with this Truth?

And here is #goddessaf part 4:

Embodying Eros


Writing Prompts

What were you taught about pleasure as a child?

How did those messages carry into your teenage years?

What messages are you still carrying around in your body ABOUT your body and your pleasure to this day?

How has this impacted your sex life?

Your love life and intimacy?

Your willingness to be fully seen, met, and vulnerable?

If you allowed yourself to fully feel and revel in pleasure as the pathway to your creativity, what would you be creating in your life right now?

What would you be telling the world?

How would you be sharing this message?

And what impact would you be creating?

{If this sounds repetitive, that’s OK. See where each question leads you.}

How do you feel about your orgasmic and erotic potential?

How can you allow yourself to go even deeper?

Why have you limited your pleasure in the past OR used it as a weapon to keep people at a certain distance?

How can you forgive yourself for however you have “used” or “denied” your pleasure in the past?

What would shift if you finally began leading, loving, and creating FROM your erotic nature?

How would you make decisions?

How would you be showing up EVERY day?

What would you be able to release and set free?

this is what matters

I am going to presume that you have not bypassed and that you did the work.

No more rants {at least not right now, lol}.

{NOTE: If you’re intrigued about going deeper into Sexual Energy Transmutation, we go waaayyyy deep in Primal Provocateur™, and in my upcoming program Body of Work.}

So now that you have gone deliciously deep into all the feels around your Erotic Nature and old encoding about Sex, Pleasure, and Womanhood

Let’s get into the goods.

Allow me to introduce you to SYI Lesson 4: The Art of Primal Self Re-Integration™


Here’s to your Untaming,


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What’s the Primal Power that will magnetize your audience AND help you scale your brand into global social change… without depleting your energy or losing the momentum you’ve already gained?

You’ll find out in Lesson 4