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Scale Your Impact

How to Leverage the Art of Primal Self Re-Integration™ to Scale Your Genius into a Preeminent Platform of Social Change


{SYI} Lesson 2/6: The Unconventional Mystic


…That Red Pill I Mentioned?

Well, here goes…

The reason you’ve become drier than the Sahara {between your legs and on stage} is this:

You have Abdicated the throne

There is no way to sugar coat this, and that’s not my style anyways {just ask my clients}, so I won’t even try.


We all come to this planet with some sort of path.

Some people are content to ignore this path and just succumb to the mores and beliefs of those who came before us.

But Those of Us Who See?

We blaze trails

And we will never {evahhhhhh} be satisfied with a life less lived.

And, as such, we must look at the areas of our relationships, creativity, and business where we have- AHEM- started to pretend we’re Sleeping Beauty {in the scrubbed clean, Hollywood fairy tale version, of course}, just waiting for some mythical prince to come save us.

Hold on… I know, I know.

You would never wait for some man to come and “fix” your life.

Just not your style.

But what if it’s not a “man” man you’ve given up your power to but, rather, an antiquated IDEA of God?

Bear with me, I know this is getting tricky.

Now, I looooove me some God, all the way down to the marrow of my bones {of course, read through this with whomever God/Divine is for you}.

But what I had to learn to give up was the notion that God had “put me here” and that it was His fault that I “had” to be human.

I was blaming God for me being “down here” to the point that I had decided {in some random moment during childhood, most likely one of many instances that involved me climbing a tree and making some existential declaration to the heavens} that I wanted to come home.

I was done.

I didn’t understand these human “beings” and their war and atrocities and hatred and abuse.

So I asked God to beam me up {even though I wasn’t even a Trekkie… more of an Ewok kind of a kid}…

Because I was tapping out.


and then god really pissed me off…

He told me I was here for a reason and that it wasn’t time to leave just yet.

…That I had to “wait and see”.

Really, God?

{imagine a six-year-old face palming herself, that was me}

And thus began my battle against God and soul, a battle that culminated in:

  • me denying my Genius

  • decades of working for the “man” {ok, it was me running around fields wearing khakis and medical fanny paks for sports teams and corporate wellness enterprises, but still… NOT my soul’s work, nor particularly sensual attire}, and…

  • abdicating the throne of my life

But my Comeback moment?

It was when I finally looked at my own shit like I never had before.

And what I found out was this:

The only way for me to ascend into a fully embodied Goddess on Earth {aka the only way to DO what I came here to do} was to start claiming radical and divine responsibility for my time here on this little planet of ours.

And when that happened, everything began to shift.

I could finally see the pieces that had remained elusive for so long.

I understood that the “how” was God’s part and that my part was to show up in the work.

  • Not just when I felt like it.

  • Not just when the Muse was tapping on my shoulder.

  • And most definitely not just when I “had to”.


And this is, of course, when the shit hit the fan

I knew the first thing I had to do was drop back into my body.

It was my most innate way of Being, but one that I had suppressed for so long in order to feel less and succeed more.

I won’t bore you with all the gritty details, but suffice to say this:

When the Wild comes calling, be ready

You will not be able to hold onto your old way of existing.

You will be drawn into the fire and given the choice to jump into the flames and rise from the ashes…

Or to remain doing business as usual, succumbing to your old identity of who you THOUGHT you were.


When the Wild does come calling, it’s for a reason.

It means that you are being asked to step into something the likes of which you have never before allowed to move through you.

As for me, and what I had to surrender?

…My marriage.

…My understanding of what it means to be an artist and revolutionary.

…And, not least of all, my beliefs about who I was as a Woman.

And so I did what any Woman in my position would do.

I found the most sensually alive Goddess I knew and signed up to mentor with her

Her name was Jada Fire {she is now one of my favorite soul sisters in the world}…

And she had what I was seeking and CRAVING: an intrinsic feminine energy that seemed to be infused into all she did.. all she created… and all she was.

And I wanted that piece of me back.

So, even after my 500-hour, two-year-long initial yoga teacher training, I signed up for her Expressive Yoga Dance® certification and started on my path of Reclamation.

I’d love to say that I found the Wild on the first day of our training… that I openly embraced and dropped in so deeply that I was FOUND.

However… as these tales often go… that was not EXACTLY what happened.

That’s me. In the baseball cap. In an Expressive Yoga Dance® Teacher Training. Yeahhhh…

That’s me. In the baseball cap. In an Expressive Yoga Dance® Teacher Training. Yeahhhh…


I was, in a sense, Unavailable in my own body

I had spent so much time vilifying Her and blaming Her as one of the main reasons I “had to” be down here.

Being the go-getter, powerhouse Woman that I am, when I tried to numb out to my body, I ended up a bit too successful {another face palm}.

And, it would seem, that I didn’t know how to find my way back to Her.

And so I dove into the training like a Woman drowning.

A Woman who, for all intents and purposes, WAS drowning.

And little by little, piece by piece, I started to Remember who the fuck I am.

…And with that Knowing came an unexpected benefit:

I also Remembered Why I am Here.

OK… Let’s pause here and dive into a deeper understanding of how to break free from your own shackles that you have placed around your yoni and your Truth…

So you can begin reconnecting to your own body in a way that will open you to the impact you are here to have in this world.

These are the first two modules of a program I used to sell, but felt called to just give you here {don’t worry, you’ll receive the other modules as well, in your upcoming SYI Lessons}.

And so…

This is #GoddessAF Part One:

Dropping Into Your Body


Writing Prompts

  • What about being in your body is weird/crazy/scary?

  • If you were to tap into Her pleasure and council every day, what might you begin to birth in your life?

  • How might your relationships change?

  • Who might you have to become if you were a fully Turned On, orgasmically untamed woman who is connected and bold and sexy in her own skin?

  • What parts of being this wild goddess kind of woman feel unsafe to you?

  • What messages did you receive about a girl’s body when you were a child?

  • What messages did you receive about a woman’s body when you were going through puberty and becoming a woman?

  • How often do you look at your raw, naked body?

  • What comes through for you when you do?

  • Go to your mirror, get completely naked, put on some sexy ass beats {Damien Rice, Tricky, Prince, Banks, etc}, and start shaking your shit for at least 5 minutes. Look, gaze, feel, breathe, BE.

  • Now, what came through for you there?

  • Notice any old sensations and beliefs that are still residing in your body.

  • Notice all cleansing that is trying to be birthed through you and where you are resisting it and where you are allowing it.

  • What if you allowed yourself to fully trust your body and Her instincts and Her guidance?

  • What would you create with your life?

  • How would your relationships shift?

  • How would you exist as Goddess differently?

And here is #GoddessAF part 2:

Tracking Your Truth


Writing Prompts

  • What messages did you receive as a child about who you should be as a girl?

  • What messages did you receive as a teenager about who you should become as a woman?

  • What were you taught about sexuality and your body?

  • What did you come to understand that this meant about you?

  • How were you indoctrinated into God/Universe/Source {or not}?

  • How did this impact the way you viewed/felt about yourself as a woman?

  • How did this then impact the way you moved in your own body and spoke your Truth into the world?

  • What might happen if you began to fully stand in your Truth and speak it without apology?

  • Who might you lose?

  • What might you have to give up?

  • Where might you have to go in your life, where you have never gone before?

  • If you could speak and live your Truth without inhibition, what would that Truth be?

  • If you had only 30 seconds to share your legacy of Truth with the world {the one thing you want the world to know}, what would you say?

  • And how would you say it? {what medium… dance, written word, spoken word, painting, on stages, etc}

  • What about this scares you?

  • Why?

  • And who would you have to BECOME to live as this unapologetic, Truth-Speaking Goddess?

OK, so did you actually write down your answers?

Did you take the embodied action to fully integrate the module?

If so, let’s move on.

If not, please go back and

How often have you invested in a program or mentor and gone through the material or gone to the events, etc… only to not actually take the action you need to integrate the work through your body?

That stops today.

So if you are serious about your commitment to creating a preeminent platform of social change with your work, do the work.

Alright, rant over. Moving on. ☟

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Here’s what i need you to know:

if you accept your place on the throne and commit to your Work…

…You WILL make the deep connections that today’s most influential artists, athletes, and thought leaders make.

…You WILL book the game-changing stages and opportunities again and again {and again}.

…And you WILL impact millions with your message and art.

How do I know?

Because I’m doing it {ok, not the impacting millions part… yet}.

And I help my clients, students, and audiences do it.

This is me on stage, guiding a room of 80+ sex priestesses, Tantrikas, and medicine women through my Wild Nectar Pussy Practice™ {something you can experience in my flagship jungle soul vision quest, Primal Provocateur™}.

➳ Helping them integrate their creativity and Genius through their bodies.

An opportunity that was offered to me because of my own reclamation and shift from being a Throne Abdicator to a Primal Provocateur™.


I want to help you do it too… If you’re willing

If this sounds/feels like something you want, something that is howling your name in the night, then it’s time to STOP DENYING that you are down here.

You’re here, accept it and move on.

Or, rather, move in.

Go deeper into who you came here to be.

Look at your shit and own where you are being a Throne Abdicator.

And then be willing to step into who you must be to fully wring out your soul and create a living legend with your life.


And who do you need to become to lead with this power?

Why, A Primal Provocateur™, of course

{you saw that coming though, right?}

This means you become someone who:

  • Creates from your body and erotic embodiment {not your head}

  • Loves madly and deeply without attachment to the outcome

  • Understands your Genius and how to leverage it into impact

  • Is 100% done with wasting time online- trying to scale- and is instead committed to capitalizing on the opportunities in front of you {and creating more opportunities at will}

  • Walks your talk every day, showing your tribe who you are {versus telling them over and over}

  • Does your own sexual healing work and transmutes your sexual energy into your art and soul’s work {instead of leaving your energy ungrounded and unfocused and frantic}

  • Sits your ass in the “chair” every day, opening the space for the Muse to come in and meet you {rather than waiting to create until the Muse shows up and you feel “inspired”}

You must be willing to release your addiction to ambiguity

I know it feels like ambiguity means you don’t have to fully be down here, but real talk?

It is 100% keeping you from being anywhere.

And if you ARE who you say that you are…

That shit has to stop today.

And I know the next thought you’re having:

But, how?

Glad you asked.

I've found that there are five Ancient Goddess Archetypes that help us embody our inner Primal Provocateur™.

We will dive into these more in Lesson 4, but for now here’s a brief teaser:

ancient goddess Archetype #1

The Crone/Wise Woman

Lineage Bearer, Wisdom Keeper, and Teacher of Truths

She is the One who holds the ancient ways in Her body and speaks our Remembrance into the world.

ancient goddess Archetype #2

The Mystic/Medicine Woman

Edge Walker, Dream Weaver, and Veil Piercer

She is the One who calls down heaven to earth and speaks our world into existence.

ancient goddess Archetype #3

The Wildress/Wild Woman

Moon Stalker, Rage Bringer, and Woman Untamer

She is the One who catalyzes Truth through the rebirth and reclamation of the Ancient Feminine.

ancient goddess Archetype #4

The Muse/Erotic Woman

Lover, Sensualist, and Creatrix

She is the One who incubates story and love through the temple of Her womb’s blood.

ancient goddess Archetype #5

The Warrioress/Sovereign Woman

Battle Walker, Change Bringer, and Freedom Activator

She is the One who leads from the front and wields the Flame of the Ancestors.


Mmmmmmm… so juicy and soulgasmic, right?

Want to dive into these archetypes and understand how to use them to intoxicate everyone you meet {or at least the ones you want to matter to the most}?

Fab. We dive in during Lesson 4.

{I know, the wait!!!!!}

But first, the strategy to change all strategies…

And, yes, I know this was a jam-packed Lesson, but I feel it’s vital before we move deeper into Leverage, Intoxication, and Scaling.

So without further ado, let’s dive into SYI Lesson 3: The Art of Primal Self Re-Integration™ {Prequel}


Here’s to your Untaming,


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How would you rate your current level of sexual “mojo”?

Something to ponder on before you move onto the Lesson 3…