Healing the Mother Wound

Erotic Rites of Passage into Goddess Consciousness, Abundance, & Embodied Light Leadership for Modern Day Mystics & Trail-Blazing Indigo Souls


Are you ready to become the intoxicating obsession of your tribe, own the fuck out of your Truth, and set the world on fire through the unapologetic expression of your soul?

Join us... if you dare...


Because it's time to #goddessthefuckup


If you are so called and would love to explore working with me, I have some space open for 1:1 guidance. It's not cheap, it's not a dating service, and it sure as shit isn't for the faint of heart.

But if you're ready to #warriorthefuckup in your love/sex life, your leadership, and your legacy, let's explore what that might look like together.