A Free Challenge for Women Who are Ready to be #EmbodiedAF

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What if you could move from your shadow to your Truth, finally own the fuck out of the message that's burning a hole in your soul {in a way that completely turns you on AND moves your tribe into action}, and become so orgasmically intoxicating that people are BEGGING you for a taste of what you've got...


No more having your message "lost in translation"...

Because once you learn how to fully RECEIVE, you also learn how to BE fully received.

{And this changes evvvvvverything.}

After just one session I could not believe the amount of new exposure I received, clarity around my nemesis called social media (ick), and my new found ability to manifest the results I was seeking quicker than ever before.
— Jennifer Nesbit Holt | Creative Director

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The Challenge is deLICIOUSLY CURATED to help you:

  • Show up {consistently} and share your True message with unshakable confidence and conviction
  • Stop second-guessing yourself and remember how to deeply trust your Intuition
  • Turn allllllll the way on and embody your Truth in ways you've dreamed about, but could never quite bring through into the physical world
  • Unleash your Erotic Potential {so you can discover and CLAIM exactly what turns you on in your body, business, bank account, and bedroom}
  • Integrate the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine into your creativity, relationships, and mission {in ways that will blow your soul wide open AND help you actually finish what you start}


you will receive


  • My succulently curated #GoddessAF Ritual™ to help you consciously co-create your life, as a Wild + Sacred Soul Medicine Woman who KNOWS what she wants {and is completely unapologetic in RECEIVING it}
  • You can choose to do the entire ritual in the morning {in as little as 25 minutes} or spread it throughout your day
  • The Ritual includes five parts: Movement, Visualization, Journaling, Self-Pleasure, and Embodied Actioning



  • 10 daily Embodied Activation Practices to bring your desires to life
  • This is where you become a paradigm-shifting Truth Speaker who shakes up the world with your Essence and voice
  • Daily Instagram participation with the chance to win yummy, magical prizes every month {+ help you share your message in epic ways}

All content is emailed to you {with your audios hosted virtually} and you will receive immediate access once you join the challenge.


Orgasms, Money, & God Show

We'll go live {most} Fridays at 12pm PT. Join the show and ask any questions that come up from the deep work you'll be moving through with the challenge.


Wild One,

I'm Nikka Karli.

In case you're new to my world, heyyyyyyy and here's a bit about me and this work...

I'm a Mystic + Maverick + Muse kinda woman who loves all things story, sacred sexuality, and soul expression. I'm obsessed with the Wild Woman Archetype and how we can become completely + unapologetically Turned On and free in every area of our lives, while still showing up to do the work we're here to do in the world and developing deep, lasting intimacy in our relationships.

I have spent years {re}membering how to create, love, and lead through my body's primal wisdom and now get to help other powerhouse creatives do the same.

Let's make magic, Darlin.

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your pleasure, message, & mission are screaming to be set free

Because it's time to quiet all the external noise, {re}awaken your primal intelligence, and finally live your Turn On


Because of our time together... I have gained clarity, a complete shift in my capacity for attaining wealth, and the focus to get my business out into the world.
— Jen Jones, Business Systems Strategist |


here's a behind the veil look at your CHALLENGE MODULES


Before working with Nikka, I was struggling with fully opening up to myself and others... I {now} have a new love for myself and I allow myself to journey into the future with confidence. I now know I can face any resistance that comes my way.
— Iman Newsome, Birth Empowerment Expert, Doula, & Photographer |



Prizes will be awarded monthly and may include books, crystals, 1:1 Goddess Sessions with me, free access to courses, and more. Whoot whoot!!!

To be eligible to win, you must:

  • Sign up for the challenge on this page {obvi}
  • Subscribe to my channel & turn on notifications on YouTube
  • Follow me & turn on notifications on Instagram
  • Post about your Embodied Activation Practice daily on Instagram and tag me {@nikkakarli} + 2 soul sisters {the more, the merrier!} in each post using #receivelikeagoddesschallenge + #day1, #day2, etc

BONUS: Tune in Fridays at 10am PT with me on YouTube to take your goddess powers to a whoooooooole new stratosphere.


Oh, BTWs: the challenge is ongoing and you can keep participating every month to win prizes {which I highly recommend!} and keep yourself accountable to your desires.


***Only sign up for this challenge if you are 100% committed to unapologetically living your truth***



No more hesitating... No more putting off your pleasure until you've achieved xyz... No more allowing your voice to be muted by your inhibitions...

No more living as anything less than the fully Turned On, Orgasmically Untamed woman you came here to be.

Let's play, Wild One.


So... WHY NOW?

If you're wondering why there isn't a specific start date, it's because I hate launching. Like, I reaaallllyyyy hate launching. So I'm not.

The Receive Like a Goddess Challenge is open to join right now and if me not having the typical marketing "urgency" around a start date means that you won't join us, cool {no really, it's completely cool}.

But if you're the kind of goddess who wants to dive right into this magic and unleash your full Erotic Potential into every area of your life right NOW, then I invite you to join us and take the Challenge today.

Awwwww yeah.


The Wild is calling... Will you dare, goddess?