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Sexual Energy & Nervous System Support For High Achieving Creators

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Your Invitation to High Level Ecological Support {Part 1 of 2}


So… Is it possible to scale “energy”?

You want the predictable time, money, and energy for the people and projects that set your soul on fire…

But you’re afraid that you’ve created a death trap with the way you’re currently operating in your business/job:

AKA: Captive Income.

Look, I’m not going to lie to you:

Scaling an impact-driven business while maintaining deep intimacy, optimal health, and time freedom is something few Creators accomplish.

But if you want it badly enough, and if you’re willing to be the embodied commitment to your own energy, sexual sovereignty, and nervous system, it might just be possible for you.


When it’s all said and done…

These psychological, sexual, energetic, and nervous system techniques have been creating successes in the bodies of artists, innovators, athletes, and entrepreneurs for thousands of years.

And I’ve been using them on myself, clients, and teams for over two decades.

These tools have been so damn successful for myself and my peeps {even in the hecticness of our modern day era}, in part, due to a very specific method of integration… of both body-mind commands and ritualized embodiment practices that I created, called Primal Self Re-Integration™.

All this to say:

Massive {strategic} growth in your business doesn’t have to cost you your health, relationships, or passion.

But if you’re wondering if Body of Work {BOW} will work for your body and creative process:

Fuck yes, it will.

I have no doubt about it.

That is… if you qualify.

Meaning, if you are a high achieving Creator who is ready to take radical responsibility for how you exist in your own body, then you’ve got this.

We’ve got this. Together.

Nikka Karli.jpg

If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. If you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.
— Aboriginal activists group, Queensland, 1970s

A liberation of pleasure, power, & soul

Look, I’ve had many {many} instances of leaving my body and disconnecting from being down here as a human, including a childhood of anaphylaxis, seizures, cultural crossroads, and more.

And I’ve trained, taught, and coached thousands of people {from athletes to CEOs to entrepreneurs to artists}, helping them return to- and thrive- in their bodies.

BOW is a culmination of decades of my own research, studies, and application {on myself, clients, students, and audiences}…

A “body of work” that I am now sharing with you, so you can produce your own greatest Body of Work.

In a way that brings you into even further alignment with God, art, and soul.

This program is not a quick fix or a way for you to just spiritually bypass your Deep Work.

This is the Work.

This is a body-based consciousness upgrade where we work together every month to align your emotions, physical embodiment, and energy management with the work of your soul.

Oh… And one more thing I need you to know…


This is what’s at stake:

If you don’t learn how to consistently provide your body with the ecological support she needs, on a daily basis…

The momentum you desire is going to equate to a full-on shut down in your nervous system.

Read that again.

So, I suppose it’s time you asked yourself something every Creator who has made the decision to turn Pro since the beginning of time, has had to ask themselves at one point or another:

Am I ready to finally have sustainable levels of energy in my body and ALSO have a sustainable impact-led, Creative business?

If So {& if you qualify}…



☞ If you want sustainable time, money, and energy for what matters most, you’ve got to begin “scaling energy”.

☞ Body of Work is a multi-tiered system to help you align your internal environment with your external creative output {aka: the work of your soul}.

☞ If you don’t learn to support your body on an ecological level, on a daily basis, the momentum you desire will inevitably lead to a shut down in your body because you haven’t created the capacity you need to handle that growth.