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This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.
— Toni Morrison

Your Shit is Broken {Part 2 of 2}


You’ve abdicated the throne

I know, I know. There’s no way. I mean… you’d never. Except…

You have. You did.

And if you want to become fully integrated within your own body, feel like a sex goddess in the bedroom, and become completely “met” by life itself {while also producing your greatest work ever}…

Then keep reading.

Do you know what happens when a ruler leaves their court unattended?


Not because there is no one else capable of leading but, rather, the ruler’s absence creates a vacuum.

Now, this vacuum could be filled by someone even more adept at leading. But that’s not what happens.

Not at first, anyways.

Because the first thing that happens, is that all the rabble rousers take notice.

You know them. They’re the ones who always have their antennae searching for any opportunity where they can stir shit up.

And they’re always first on the scene.

So when a ruler abdicates their throne, for whatever reason, the first “response” of the vacuum is chaos.


Why the hell should you care?

Because you are the ruler.

And the throne is your body.

And every time you abdicate her {aka: ignore her wisdom, put her needs on the back burner to success, vilify her, pretend that she doesn’t exist, etc}…

You are opening the gates to the enemy.

You might know this enemy as Resistance {which I’ve recently dubbed Villanelle, after the crazy smart + super wily villain on the BBC show Killing Eve}.

And every time that Villanelle is in the house, your body becomes a shit storm of inevitability {Mr. Anderson}.

Inevitability of what, you ask?


Of pretty much everything you’ve been working your gorgeous ass off to overcome or leave behind.

☠︎ A deep-rooted avoidance of intimacy, in your relationships with partners, God, and your art

☠︎ Addictive patterning and obsession of work, at the expense of your health

☠︎ An inability to focus and do the Deep Work, leading to shitty creative output and/or inconsistent output

☠︎ A diminished capacity for pleasure and sexual desire, that shows up as ho-hum orgasms, Intimacy Avoidant-style relationships, and a dried-up yoni

☠︎ Existential loneliness that feels so all-consuming that it overrides your connections with the people you love

☠︎ Tight constriction in your body and breath, along with the suppression of your emotions {leading to completely asinine “blowups” at people who don’t deserve it, decreased sexual desire, and a weak “signal” with the Muse}

☠︎ Your nervous system going bat shit crazy, and showing signs of low grade {or rapid onset} deterioration and distress

☠︎ You dropping the ball in areas of your life and business where you’re normally a rockstar

But that’s not all.

This “inevitability” is so detrimental because while we’re so busy abdicating, we don’t even see it coming.

We’re caught with our pants down, so we don’t have the necessary tools to go toe-to-toe with Resistance… Sometimes we’re not even aware that we have a battle raging inside of us…

A battle for the sovereignty of our soul.

Which leads to even more disasters, like:

☠︎ An inability to ground your sexual energy, leaving you feeling a little nuts every time you have any sort of sexual turn on or climax {so you hold back and fight against pleasure, desire, and being deeply “known” by a partner… and sometimes God}

☠︎ A lack of time and energy to commit to the projects {and relationships} that set your soul on fire, so you’re left with an undercurrent of malaise and, dare I say, abject boredom for the things that once brought you utter satisfaction

☠︎ You start worrying about whether everything you’ve created is going to fall apart, and then about how the hell you’re going to pay for all the body workers, guides, pristine foods, and apothecary shizz you’ve come to depend on for your sanity

☠︎ You’re operating in a way that has you completely captive to your income, so you’re no longer growing in smart, sustainable ways… you’re just treading water

☠︎ Constantly calling in partners who are even more unavailable than you {and part of you isn’t willing to change because you don’t want to get hurt}

☠︎ Your survival instincts are running amok at perceived “threats”, leading to a deep-seated mistrust of life and the people in it, anxiety or panic attacks, and trauma responses flooding your body

☠︎ A high capacity for work work work, but an almost nonexistent capacity to actually feel what’s happening in your body {and integrate it into your art, impact, and relationships}

One more thing, and it’s important:

When Resistance {aka Villanelle} takes over…

You will, inevitably, start leaking energy, in your business and sex life.

Meaning, no matter how many cord cutting ceremonies you perform…

No matter how often you go on spiritual retreats…

And no matter how many tens of thousands of dollars you invest in mentors and development…

Every time your soul asks you to go to the next level, your body will rebel.

You will have a systemic freak out that stops you in your tracks and demolishes any opportunity standing in front of you.

Want to go build homes for hurricane victims? Too bad, you’re sick.

Want to go do climate research and present at the U.N.? Too bad, you just destroyed yet another relationship and now you’re in a downward spiral of distraction and avoidance.

Want to go speak on the Ted stage? Too bad, you just lost your voice {or your brand new car broke down on the beautiful drive along the coastline on your way to the venue… or your cousin’s neighbor’s dog’s chakras are out of alignment and it just bit you and now you have rabies…}.

Am I being a bit dramatic?

Kind of, but not really.

Ok, maybe on the rabies thing.

But the other stuff? I’ve seen real life variations of it with my clients and audiences {and experienced them myself}.

It’s what happens when the abdication of your Throne overrides the capacity of your Nervous system.

“Lucky” for you, this is where I come in…

For me, luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. There is no luck without you being prepared to handle that moment of opportunity. Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for the moment that is to come.
— Oprah Winfrey



☞ Your body is your throne, and you’ve abdicated her… Leaving a vacuum, that Resistance is all too happy to fill.

☞ This inevitably leads to everything you’ve spent the past decade trying to move past in every area of your life, including your intimacy, creative expression, health, and spiritual connection.

☞ Once Resistance has taken over, you begin leaking energy, leading to systemic freak outs within your own body every time you try to uplevel.

☞ The next step is having full agency in your body and nervous system on a consistent basis.