Body of Work

Sexual Energy Alchemy & Nervous System Support For High Achieving Creators

Deliberate practice requires focus on the one thing you’re trying to master and feedback to correct your approach as needed.
— Cal Newport, Deep Work

Your Invitation To High Level Ecological Support {Part 2 Of 2}

The Final Countdown

If you are a high-achieving Creator, with the brass ovaries to stop repressing your emotions and actually pour them into your entire creative process…

Then here’s a breakdown of Body of Work:

Each month, you will receive a new “issue”, content that you will not find anywhere else.

Each issue contains a hybrid of teachings around Sexual Energy Alchemy and Nervous System Support intended to help you produce your Greatest Work Ever…

While also having an abundance of time and energy for the people and projects that set your soul on fire.

Each month, you will have everything you need to not only move the needle in your creative work, but also create new growth in your nervous system and alignment within your body… so you can hold more of what every Creator desires in their soul of souls:


So I’ve intentionally left space for you to add your own unique “Creative DNA” to each issue.

Because every Creator knows, the one thing we hate more than anything else?

Being told what to do or how to create.

Ok, so that’s two things.

But what that means for you is this:

You get to make each issue your own and move through each practice and ritual in the way your body is asking for that month.

Guidance, support, and curated customization? #winning

Nikka Karli Body of Work.jpeg

Each issue will contain the following…

1: The Initiation

A deep excavation of that month’s teachings and guidance, mostly long form text, but also some video thrown in for good measure.

2: The Integration

Each month, you will also receive access to one of my signature rituals, the Wild Nectar Practice™.

{This is derived from my full Wild Nectar Pussy Practice™, but for daily embodiment and implementation.}

Make no mistake… the Primal and the Soul thrive in Ritual.

So each month, you will have movement practices and a meditation practice, each interwoven with sacred sex magic specifically curated for Creators.

Every issue is based on my method of Primal Self Re-Integration™ {which I break down in Lessons 3 and 4 of my free program Scale Your Impact™}, to help you fully integrate body-based, ancient wisdom into your modern day creative life.

AKA: How you can show up in your daily relationships, projects, and business, with a deep body consciousness that will allow you to produce epic shit {in a way that completely turns on your soul}.

Oh, and this:

You’ll be able to own any room you walk into {or stage you walk onto} and become the intoxicating obsession of your soulmate peeps along the way.

This practice is something that will drop you so deeply into your body and sex, that your creativity {and love life} will never be the same.

This elixir of devotion will include:

Nikka Karli Body of Work.jpeg

⇢ The Jump Off ⇠

Beast mode body conditioning that integrate the masculine, yang, and energizing aspects of embodied work {video demos included, no equipment required}.

I’ve been teaching movement practices since my very first job, {which was teaching water aerobics to seniors when I was 17}…

All the way through to conditioning and rehabbing elite athletes coming back to competition after life-changing injuries and setbacks.

People have been asking me for years to create an online conditioning program, but I never felt like I had the time or energy to do it… So I used the techniques you’ll learn within BOW to expand my internal capacity for what I can produce with my Genius without causing distress or chaos within my body {and life}.

Normally the only way to train with me is in person {either 1:1, in small groups, or at an event}…

But I’m finally offering this online, for the first time ever, so you can train with me from wherever you happen to be in the world at any given moment.

Nikka Karli Body of Work.jpeg

Sensual Seduction

Delicious, succulent tantra-infused movements that integrate the feminine, yin, and grounding aspects of embodied work {video demos included no equipment required}.

This is a deep {Re}Wilding of your Primal Pussy Power… On Stage, On Page, & In The Bedroom.

Each practice will awaken an erotic sensitivity in every layer of your body, that you will then be able to infuse into every layer of your creative magic.

Here’s A taste of a live Wild Nectar Pussy Practice™.

Roshni Testimonial.jpg

3: The Intoxication

The {Re}Wilding Ritual™ Mixtapes

Nikka Karli Body of Work.jpeg

You will also receive a new monthly audio experience that interweaves spoken word, meditation, and binaural beats to take you to the cosmos and back.

These soulgasmic rituals are attuned to the primal rhythms of your soul.

Each audio will help you fully alchemize your body-mind connection and cosmic consciousness into your creative process and expression.

Bonuses, yes please…

There are definitely some extra perks to joining.

The first of which is you + me, chatting every week on Voxer.

This is a 28-day “Goddess the Fuck Up” game plan every single month.

You will receive an assessment each month that you must do before connecting with me, and from there, I will send you a custom plan for moving through that month’s practices.

➳ Your game plan is based on the results of your assessment and the Ancient Feminine Archetypes that I dive into in Lesson 5 of Scale Your Impact™.

So every month, you are learning to integrate and use the rituals in a way that works for your unique Body of Work.

This is not traditional 1:1 coaching or mentoring but, rather, a way that we can touch base each week and help you move the needle on the things that matter most to you in the moment {and long term}.

You will also be able to reach out to me once a week {via Voxer} with a 2-3 minute audio message, and I will share any insights or feedback around that issue/inquiry.

Make no mistake, this alone is worth 10 times the investment for this program {and likely what you’re investing each month in your soul care, food, mentors, etc}.

I could sell it as a stand alone service, and I sometimes do… for much higher than what you’ll invest to become a member of Body of Work.

But I know that this piece will hands down transform the way you exist in your own body and, from there, the rest of your life.

So I want you to have access to it now {that’s just how we roll over here… and by “we” I mean me, because I’m a Company of One allll the way}.

Nikka Karli Body of Work.jpeg

Some other amaze balls bonuses:

Members-only pricing on 1:1 mentoring and VIP intensives

Members-only pricing on Primal Provocateur™

Members-only pricing on upcoming courses

Complimentary access to my Receive Like a Goddess Challenge upon enrolling


So here’s the deal

Body of Work is $195 per month for ongoing ecological support for your body, creativity, sex life, and business.

There are also no refunds on subscriptions.

But you may cancel at any time, without hassle.

Of course, Body of Work is not for everyone…

☠︎ If you are looking for some goo-roo tactic that will solve all your problems without you ever having to go deep and look at your own shit, please close this page because this is not the place, and I am not the one.

☠︎ If you use the term HSP to bypass resourcing your own emotions and instead blame everyone else for triggering you and “making” you feel or behave in certain ways, again, please keep it moving.

☠︎ And if you just want to sign up for something but never actually implement the teachings or feedback you receive from me, then don’t waste your time enrolling.

You’ll just be feeding your addiction of buy buy buy, without ever actually doing the primal work that is 100% necessary to affect massive upgrading in your consciousness and creative expression.

Also, there’s no pressure to remain a member once you join.

I’ll just be over here, working with my tribe of super committed high achievers who implement like a Goddess, as they create new growth within their nervous system and body every single day for the people, causes, and projects that matter most to them. ;)

Of course, there are a ton of communities where you can just pay and do absolutely nothing with the information you receive.

If that’s what you’re into, cool.

But this isn’t that.

And this isn’t just more “information”, anyways.

BOW is an Ideation Incubator, a place for the truly committed to walk their talk behind the scenes so they own the fuck out of who they are, out in the world.

A place for full integration of emotion, body, pussy magic, and creative expression.

A place, perhaps, for you.

That is… If you are wild enough to join us.

So, now is the time to choose whether this {Re}Wilding Ground is a fuck yes for your soul.

If so… Scroll down, click the button below, & take the red pill

Once you enroll:

You’ll receive a welcome email with immediate access to Receive Like a Goddess and your BOW Welcome Area.

And from there, you’ll receive a brand spankin’ new issue of Body of Work the first week of every month you remain an active member.

However, you may begin Voxing me weekly as soon as you join {you’ll get my Voxer deets in your welcome email, contact me here if you don’t get the email within 15 minutes of joining}.

Nikka Karli Body of Work.jpeg

A recap of what you receive as a member

Immediate Access

☞ Complimentary enrollment in my 10-day Receive Like a Goddess Challenge

☞ Private Voxer coaching with me, once a week

☞ Special members pricing on 1:1 mentoring and VIP intensives, upcoming courses, and my jungle quest, Primal Provocateur™

Monthly Access

The Initiation: this is the bones of each issue, mainly long-form text {for a deeper kinesthetic learning experience and easier recall/referencing}, plus some video transmissions as well {20-30 minutes, once/month, consume and implement}

The Integration: this is my signature Wild Nectar Practice™, an erotic elixir of primal, sensual, and sweaty movement practices to help you get out of your head and into your body {30 minutes, 3-7 times/week, you choose how often}

The Intoxication: these brand new {Re}Wilding Ritual™ Mixtapes drop each month, and are audio experiences of spoken word, meditation, and binaural beats that will help you fully alchemize your body-mind connection and cosmic consciousness into your creative process and expression {10-20 minutes each, daily}

Goddess The Fuck Up Game Plan, this is the customized assessment that you complete each month and I then send you feedback via Voxer audio messaging {this is in addition to your weekly Voxer coaching} {5-10 minutes, once/month, for micro clarity & macro vision}

Nikka Karli Body of Work.jpeg

Please read before subscribing:

☞ The program is $195/month

☞ You will be billed once when you subscribe, and then once every 30 days afterwards

There are no refunds on Body of Work subscriptions, but you can easily cancel at any time by submitting a cancellation ticket at Please be sure to contact me at least 14 days before your next billing date to avoid the next payment being processed

☞ Access to your first issue will be sent on the next scheduled release date {new issues are emailed during the first week of each month, all access is digital and nothing will be physically mailed to you}

Access to each issue closes on the last day of the previous month, so you must be a paying member before the next issue drops in order to get access {IE: to get access to the April issue, you must be a paying member by March 31st}

☞ You only have access to the issues that open while you are an active, paying member, you do not get access to previous/back issues

☞ You will have immediate access to the Receive Like a Goddess Challenge once you enroll and you can keep it, even if you decide to cancel in the future

☞ This system does not accept Paypal

Legal Shizz:

By enrolling in Body of Work, I affirm that I have read and agree to the Nikka Karli | Karli LLC terms of service and to the following statement:

I authorize Nikka Karli | Karli LLC to charge me for the total order on the following checkout page. I further affirm that the name and personal information I provide on the form are true and correct. I further affirm that I have read, understand, and accept Nikka Karli | Karli LLC’s business terms as published on their website. By pressing the Submit Payment button on the checkout page, I agree to pay Nikka Karli | Karli LLC.

I further acknowledge that I agree to pay Nikka Karli | Karli LLC $195/month every 30 days for Body of Work.

This program is not medical, psychological, or religious advice {nor is it a substitute for such} and will not treat or diagnose any disease, illness, or ailment. If you should experience any such issues, you agree to seek the advice and examination of your registered physician or practitioner as determined by your own judgment. Nikka Karli | Karli LLC shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided “as is,” and without warranties.


How long do I have to practice every day?

I say this with massive love… That’s the “wrong” question to ask.

It inherently implies that some outside force is making you do this and that you don’t “have the time” for it in your life.

Which means you’re killing your commitment before you even start.

Here’s what matters:

Your Minimum Viable Embodiment {MVE}.

To put it another way, what’s the minimum amount of practice each day that will allow you to fully embody the results you desire?

That’s where you begin. And then when your body is asking for more, you increase. Because it means your capacity is increasing.

But be sure to listen to her {your body} and not force the expansion.

Because there can be too much of a good thing.

And it leads to your nervous system freaking out because you’ve gone from alignment back to addictive patterns and conditioned behavior.

So, the daily commitment to Body of Work is your unique MVE, no more, no less.

What's the format of each issue?

The teachings are mainly long-form text, with some video transmissions.

The rituals are audio and the workouts include video demos.

Can I get access to previous/back issues?

Not at this time, but I may make them available for purchase to active paying members a few times a year.

How do I get 1:1 feedback from you each month?

After you complete your assessment, you must send me a Voxer message {audio or written} to let me know you’ve completed it. Do not skip this, because I will not go searching for you on Voxer. This program is about taking radical responsibility in your own body, and that includes how you show up in our relationship.

Once I receive your quick Voxer message that you’ve taken the assessment, I will respond with feedback and guidance within 24-72 hours.

You may also Vox me with a 2-3 minute long message once a week, with any additional inquiries that arise as you move through your Work.

Questions may include the areas of sexual energy, creativity, stage presence, archetypal storytelling, embodiment, conscious business, art as activism, and intimacy.

BIWOC {Black Indigenous Womxn of Color} members may also connect with me around the intersection of systemic racialized and sexualized trauma in their body and art.

Is there a Facebook group?

Nope, and there probably won’t be in the future. I may, however, open up a forum for members to connect with one another and receive additional support from me. I’ll see if this is a frequent request from members as we go.

If I leave, can I rejoin?

I haven’t decided yet.

But I do know this: I’m turned on by working with Creators who plan on committing to at least a few months of full-on embodiment in our work together {so the magic can really start to unfold}… If that’s not you, then please don’t join. Instead, you can contact me here for a 1:1 session, which begin at $500 when I make them available.

BOW is a soul-level container, it is not a quick fix or “squirrel” enabler.

Doing one month of sex magic and nervous system support for your body and expecting to create a living legacy with your work is like doing one sweat lodge ceremony and expecting to become an Elder.

If you do the deep excavation here and create the spaciousness within your body for your greatest work ever {and the creative projects, causes, and relationships that matter most}… why would you ever want to quit? And if you don’t do the work, why would you want to leave and then return?

And, look, I know this likely doesn’t apply to you, because you’re a rockstar Creator who holds yourself in the highest of integrity… but if you plan on joining with the intention of just “seeing what’s in the program”, then please don’t join.

I know you agree that no Creator deserves the work of their soul being stolen or misappropriated.

So just a heads up, I blacklist anyone with refund/chargeback attempts from ever buying from me in the future.

Again, once you join, you’re under no obligation to remain a member. You just don’t get refunds on any months to which you’ve already had access. Easy peasy.

So all-in-all, if this isn’t a 100% yes in your body, then please don’t join. I have a ton of free offerings on my site and social media for you to peruse and enjoy.

How do I know I’ll like the format?

If you’ve worked with me before, you’ll looooooove this because we’ll be upgrading the shizz out of the way you exist in your body and life.

If you’ve never worked with me, you can start with my free program, Scale Your Impact™, to see how I roll… Or you can just listen to your body’s wisdom and if this program is a yes, sign up now.

What if I need even more “high touch” support?

You can inquire about my 1:1 mentorship and VIP intensives here and apply for a spot with me in my soul vision quest in the jungle here.

I’d highly recommend being an active paying member of Body of Work though, as you’ll receive members only pricing on both.

I don’t have a business yet, or I’m just getting started. Will Body of Work still work for me?

Yup, as long as you are a high-achieving Creator who is ready to go yoni-to-the-wall with the way you create, express, and lead in this world.

If that’s you, then you’ll find a variety of deliciously epic body-mind tools and sacred guidance inside of BOW every single month that will drop you into your body, mission, and art like you’ve only wet-dreamed about before now.

AKA: if you’re ready to commit to some seriously Next Level Goddess Shit, you’ll most definitely thrive in this program.

Nikka Karli Body of Work.jpeg