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Sexual Energy & Nervous System Support For High Achieving Creators


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Nikka is one of the most embodied and deeply wise teachers of this work I have come across... The first time I heard her speak, I knew in my bones she was meant to reach a global audience.
— Layla Martin, The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

Your Shit is Broken {Part 1 of 2}

Fair Warning: The way you’ve been operating in your business is not only detrimental to your creative process and sex life… it’s also fucking with your health.

So if you identify as a high-achieving Creator…

Someone for whom business and being an entrepreneur will always {always} come second to being an open portal for God, art, and soul…

Except lately, you haven’t been “producing”, serving, and scaling at the levels you desire {in the ways you desire}…

Then buckle up, Butter Cup.

Cuz I’ve got something you reallllyyy want to see.


Work… It’s a helluva drug

Do you remember the Rick James segments on Chappelle’s Show?

Where he’d always laugh and say “Cocaine… It’s a helluva drug.”…

Well, I’ve found this to be a pretty fucking accurate description of the way we, as Creators, approach our creative process, our business… and even our sex life.


I was talking with a friend/mentor/client of mine.

And I asked her what’s been keeping her up at night.

Her response surprised the shit out of me.

Not because I didn’t agree… After all, it was something I’d already been helping people do for decades…

But I hadn’t ever really talked about it or sold it as a stand-alone offer.

Why? I’ll tell you.

Because I didn’t think people knew they needed it.

And I didn’t feel like spending all my time trying to convince people of how important it was for their creativity and relationships and health.

But here she was, telling me she already knew it was an issue.

In fact, she was saying that not only is it the #1 thing that she “takes to bed” every night…

But that it’s also something she’s been absolutely obsessing over, in the middle of the day, every day.


And then I saw a post from one of the most influential leaders in a certain space that I’m in {that you’re most likely in as well, if you’re reading this}.

He and I have recently connected, nothing big, just a beginning.

But in his post he was talking about the exact same thing my friend was telling me.

Now, being the stubborn ass that I am, I decided to reach out to yet another Creator I know and asked if she was experiencing the same things.

She said not only was she going through the same thing…

She’d been waiting for me to wake up and do something about it.

I’d say you don’t have to hit me over the head for me to pay attention, but… well…

This one was a serious #facepalm for me.

Anyways… that thing that has been haunting these world-class Creators?

That I’ve been intuitively helping people with for over two decades and wanted my peeps to have access to, but didn’t have the patience to sit down and create?

It boiled down to this question:

How do I have the ongoing support that will allow me to deal with my emotions {and stay present and connected in my physical body}…

While still leading my tribe and producing meaningful work in the world in a way that sets my soul on fire?

Oh, and also…

How do I actually feel fully met and understood in my relationships, while I’m out there changing the freaking world???

I’m thinking you can relate, since you’re still reading.


So let me ask you this:

If you had an abundance of time & Energy to pursue the projects & causes that set your soul on fire…

Would you be willing to give up your idea of “work”?

Look, we all have a critical mass number…

Of how many hours we can put into our business before we begin losing touch with God, art, and soul.

What’s that number for you?

20? 30? 40?

Whatever your number is, know this:

Once we hit critical mass, our Body of Work suffers.

Not only the quality of our art… but the quality of our freedom.



☞ Work is a helluva drug, one that keeps high achieving Creators from producing our best work {and living our best life}.

☞ We’ve been conditioned to separate our bodies and emotions from our creative work, which means we’re creating at half capacity.

☞ We each have a “critical mass number” for how many hours we can work each week {in the way we’ve been taught to work} before our Body of Work {aka BOW} suffers.

☞ Our freedom is tied to an antiquated model of success and work that is fucking up our sex lives, intimacy, God connection, creative output, and impact in the world.