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What The Gorgeous International Spy Said To Her Baby Daddy

One of my favorite shows is completely un-PC and likely offensive to someone, somewhere in pretty much every single episode. One of the main characters… let’s call her Lana ;)... gets super exasperated with the other main character… let’s call him Archer… and she has a single word response to any and all of his shit-show shenanigans. And that response is

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What Miguel Taught Me About “Coffee” In The Morning

I’m sitting at a terminal, ready to fly back to Cali. Another gate, another plane… And I’m listening to my Summer Rewind on Spotify and Miguel is first up to bat. “Coffee {aka Fucking} in the Morning”. It’s one of those songs that drops me into an even deeper space of turn on, which is super important in the morning {night owl, over here} and when I’m traveling.

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The "Creative" Lie Heard Round the World

At some point, you were told that you had to be quieter or louder... less intelligent or more… more beautiful or less… sexier or more tamed… just… different than your innate nature. But, as you soon found out, no matter what you did or didn’t do, someone {probably many someones} was going to inevitably take issue with who you were. And you likely had one of two reactions:

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