You Won’t Still Love it, if You Don’t Still Practice it.

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You used to be so fully enamored with them, right?

Those pieces of your soul that woke you up in the middle of the night... clawing their way free from underneath your rib cage… demanding to be birthed into the light.

But somewhere along the way… you lost sight of the love you had for them.


Because you stopped practicing them.

Here’s the thing:

We can only maintain our excitement and desire for the things we love when we commit to being in presence with them on a regular basis.

Say for instance you have this burning desire to have the best orgasms and freedom in sex that you’ve ever known.

And so you begin studying, you begin speaking your Truth to your partner(s), you begin doing Pussy Breathwork, etc… everything your body needs to feel open and ready for these epic orgasms and freedom.

Then, boom! It happens. You’re there. You get a taste of the succulent bliss and erotic remembrance you’d been craving. And holy hell, is it goooooood.


You get a phone call about a family member. Or you take a trip out of the country. Or you get sick. Or all of your freelance clients disappear seemingly overnight.

AKA life happens.

And the first thing to go by the wayside?

Your commitment to that thing you wanted so badly… That thing you even had a taste of… That thing that played your body like a cosmic fucking violin and had your toes curling in full-bodied, aetheric pleasure.

Yeah. And damn.

The problem now? Besides the fact that you’re back to ho-hum orgasms and feeling a lot less freedom in who you are?

It’s this:

You no longer even want it as badly.

Well, at least you think that’s the problem.

But really, the problem is that you aren’t in presence and practice with your desire and, as such, your belief and excitement for said desire are no longer at the forefront of your consciousness.

Meaning the fire hasn’t actually gone out, it’s just been doused with the ice water of other people’s priorities, and you need to start stoking the embers to get it going again.

Which is something we’ll be doing with pussy breathwork, primal movement, wild writing, and some finely attuned “business energetics” inside TheJuly Sessions of Body of Work.

You should know:

Doors close on June 30th at 11:59pm PT.

Also, I’m still offering a bonus 1:1 Creative DNA Call with me to get you started, but I’m heading back out of town again and so my calendar is extra tight for over the next couple of weeks.

So I’d say put down whatever else you’re doing and head over to join us right meow.

You can do so here:

One more thing:

These strategies and ceremonies inside The July Sessions will work for untaming your creative expression, building an ass that won’t quit, landing that stage of your dreams…

Pretty much anything you really desire {on an aligned and attuned level}, but need some embodied integration and high level support around.

Just wanted to make sure you understood exactly how game-changing this could be for your life, art, and business.

That is, if you’re willing to show up and do the work, of course.

Any questions, just contact me.


Nikka “I Got Your Love Right Here” Karli

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