You Played Yourself


You know how it goes:

Our body offers us guidance… and instead of following through on it, we turn up our noses and run the other way.

Not just once, but countless times throughout our lifetime.

So, riddle me this...

Why do we crave a deeper intuitive knowing while, at the same time, do everything in our power to not only ignore the messages we receive, but to also make choices that are direct opposition to that innate wisdom?

In today’s episode of The {Re}Wilding Experience™, I invite us to take ownership of the choices we make as artists, womxn, and leaders. Today's musings & medicine:

  • Internal alignment vs external constructs

  • The sensual exploration of life, art, leadership, and love

  • Slowing down the breath to remember who we are

Our Meta Inquiry

How do we walk with the Mystery and the Knowing... at the same time?

You can listen to the episode {and share it with any other Children of the Wild} here:

And if you’re ready to excavate an even deeper knowing after you listen, head here: