You Must Commit to Failing


You must commit to failing.

Go all in, leave nothing on the table.

It is the constant fear of failing, of not living up to some ridiculous ideal of perfection, that limits the unsuccessful person.

Those who achieve that which others can only dream of doing have committed themselves to failure.

They have made an unbreakable agreement with their souls that they WILL NOT succumb to the quagmire of insecurities and doubts that plague the rest of society.

For it is only through failure (time and time again) that greatness is realized.

Only through sacrificing the last remnants of societally-imposed AVERAGENESS that one can ever hope to make an impact, to change the face of humanity.

Will you commit to your vision, your mission, your dreams?

Will you leave a LEGACY behind you?

Or will you be just another sad soul who never stepped outside the box of what others told you could become?

The choice is yours, Lovers. So what will you choose?


Here's to Your Untaming,

Nikka Karli

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