You Can't Handle the Pleasure!


One of my favorite wild and crazy actors is Jack Nicholson.

His face, his gestures...

When he dropped the line "You can't HANDLE the truth!", we all felt it.

Like, holy shit, maybe he's right. Maybe I can't handle it.

Which got me to thinking about pleasure.

Yours. Mine. The Collective’s...

And what it would mean if we were able to really move so deeply into our own Orgasmic Waking Bliss that we could heal the undercurrents of racialized, socialized, and sexualized trauma that we all hold in our bodies.

Our pain-bodies.. and our Pleasure-Bodies.

I made up the second term, but I think it’s pretty spot on.

It refers to the amount of pleasure we can hold and store in our bodies for immediate or later use.

...And to our ability and willingness to HANDLE pleasure.

What if we could transmute this into a practice that provided healing and remembrance for the greater Consciousness?

It would change everything.

I’m still percolating on how to share this with you in a way that’s never been done before.

Partly because as a Creator, we crave innovation and hate replicating anything.

But also, because I feel there’s a missing piece to the way pleasure and social change have been so fractured, in our various cultures and in our bodies.

And I know my experiences over the past two decades of teaching, coaching, and facilitating have led me to this pivotal point in human history, where I can integrate my multimedia storytelling with experiential healing to bring you something that will swing the gates of your Pussy and soul wide open

And help you become completely wild, untamed, and free in who you are, how you create, and how you make love…

So you can do the work you came here to do... on the level at which you came here to play.

I’m still alchemizing it all through breath and sex magic.

But I wanted to let you in on my current Musings…

I’ll be sharing more Friday over on the Tube.

I’ll send you a link mañana.

But in the meantime, I dropped this yesterday.

It’s about how you can do the Unthinkable.

Leave a comment on the video and let me know what your “Unthinkable” is {you’ll see what I mean in the episode}.

Ok, that’s it for today.

Loving you madly and deeply,


Nikka Karli