Are You Willing to Throw it All Away Because it Got Hard?


Seriously. Why are you here?


Why are you doing the things that you do?

What have you already sacrificed for your dreams?

How many nights have you lain awake, your soul screaming at you to get your genius out into the world?

And, what? 

You're willing to throw it all away because shit got hard?

Ah.  Ok.

I see.

It must not have been that important to you in the first place.

That's ok.

Just own that shit.

And move on to something that you actually care about.

But if, IF, you actually want what you say you want?

Then it's time you start acting like it.

It's time you give up the notion that this whole chasing your dreams thing is going to be all rainbows and butterflies.

It's time for you to go all in.

It's time for you to decide that your success is worth any struggle.


Your dreams.  Your choice.



As always...

Here's to your Untaming™,

Nikka Karli


Inspired by @secrets2success via @achievetheimpossible

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