Why You Should Never Open Your 3rd Eye & Activate Your Intuition EXCEPT if You...


You're a Messenger on a freaking MISSION.

...To change the world.

...To raise the vibration of the planet.

...To become completely Turned On and Wildly Untamed while you do it.


And you know that in order to unleash your level of contribution in this world {and in your own life} that you're going to have to do some things that make you a weeeee bit uncomfortable.


Things like owning the fuck out of who you are and why you're here...

Things like healing the wounding around your heart, womb, voice, and soul...

Things like understanding why you are where you are right now {vs where you truly desire to be}...


And you know beyond knowing that this is your time to #GoddessUP and EMBODY the Truth and magic of your soul.


It scares the shit out of you.


Not in the cute little way that entrepreneurs talk about online, like "oh I was so afraid but then I hired the perfect mentor and all my fears dissolved away like unicorn shit and now I'm bringing in 10 clients a day, making $5M a month, and only working 3 hours a week... all by claiming my worth and getting visible."

{gag me with a consciousness spoon}


I'm talking about the kind of fear that steals your breath away and actually triggers past wounding you can't even NAME.

...The kind of fear that causes random, WTH-is-this energetic sickness that keeps you from unleveling because you're so busy upCHUCKING your soul into a toilet.

...The kind of fear that rides your bones and shows you every piece of doubt and shame and guilt that has ever crossed your path, the path of your ancestors, and the path of humanity {because you're classy like that and wouldn't want to leave anyone out, right?}

...The kind of fear that makes the word "visibility" a laughing matter... because we're talking about baring your SOUL to the world... and then standing there and letting it spit you back out.


So... yeah.

That kind of fear.


But you KNOW that it's time.

You KNOW that you're ready.

You KNOW that if you don't activate your intrinsic, primal awareness of who you are, that you will remain a small, lifelike simulacrum of who you came here to be.



So. What's a Global Consciousness Raising, Goddess on a MISSION to do?

Why activate her 3rd eye and fire up her intuition, right?

Get clear on exactly WHO she is and WHY she's here... Right?

Start IMPLEMENTING the mess out of her message and grow her tribe and platform like YESTERDAY... RIIIIIIIGHT????!!!!


Well, yes.

And, also... No.


Because if you're not ALSO doing this one Goddess Practice every day {see below}, you will find yourself burning out and SPINNING out from the energetic unleveling that these actions require.

Which means you will start doubting and fearing and burning things down that are actually serving.

And then the shame monster will take over your mind and shove you under the bed with your blankie, while you cry for a surcease {and for your mommy}.

Ummmm, been there. Threw up that.

No thank you.


Oh. And this one "thing" I'm talking about?


It's learning how to transmute energy THROUGH your body.


So you can actually HOLD the frequency and energy that will be running inside of you as you bring forth your mission at the next level and scale your brand into a MOVEMENT.


Want to know how before you screw the vibrational pooch and grab that blankie?

I'm going deep into all kinds of feels around this in my vlog today.

"Why You Should Never Open Your 3rd Eye & Activate Your Intuition EXCEPT if You..."

Watch it here.


But first...


Share this with one soul sista or brotha who needs to read/watch this with you.


Loving youuuuuuuuuu.

As always...


Here's to your Untaming,

N 🐾🌙

Nikka Karli