Why You Don't Have "Enough" to Make a Difference Now


What if the reason you’re not having the impact you desire is because you believe you have to wait until…

☞ Until you’re making a consistent 7 figures a year and have the extra income to donate to your favorite causes

☞ Until you’ve met your soulmate and are running a global mission together {and having the sex of your life}

☞ Until you start training like a beast in the gym and have an ass that won’t quit and you feel more “comfortable” being on video and booking stages

It’s a crazy word, when you stop and look at it.


It kind of just… let’s us off the hook, you know?

Almost like we’re saying “well I couldn’t possibly be doing the work at the level I’m here to do it or make the love I want to make or have the smokin’ hot body or start the charity UNTIL...”.

It’s an escape route.

We’re always looking for these, make no mistake.

Even those of us who identify {and perform} as ridiculously high achievers.

Maybe especially us.

Because there’s always… something.

Some part of ourselves that we don’t want to look at… that we cover up with addictive behaviors {or avoidant ones}... that we tell ourselves we’ll “get to” after we’ve achieved the things we’re already really great at achieving.

This is bypassing in its most seductive state.

Because we can achieve epic shit in other ways {and do}, the bypassing can whisper sweet little lies in our ears, telling us of course we can wait… in fact, we should wait… it wouldn’t be right to go after that thing that’s howling our name in the night.

No... we musn’t.

Not right now.

But there’s an inherent problem with this:

If we’re not vigilant in interpreting the signals from our body, “not right now” become “never”.

And we bypass the one thing that would have opened us to everything.

The idea of not having or being enough in this moment tells us that we can’t make a difference in the world as we are.

It tells us we have to become something else first.

But if we continue on with our old “personal mythology” {a fabulous term I heard from Alberto Villoldo} of scarcity and bypassing, we will never make the contribution to the world we desire.

And we will forever blame or disconnect from the projects and people who matter most to us, as we self flagellate over our perceived failure and malcontent at not creating and serving at the level our soul is asking of us.

Joseph Campbell once said something that struck me in #allthefeels:

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

Read that again.

The more we fight against our innate heartbeat and nature, the more we remove ourselves from the heartbeat and nature of life itself.

We see this when we try to segment our energy and behaviors into achievement or surrender… Focus or pleasure... Accumulation or impact.

It’s what I call a Fragmentation Frequency {you can learn about it in Scale Your Impact here}.

When we fragment our feminine from our masculine energies, we separate parts of the whole.

And from there, we are unable to fully actualize on our paths… or to be met in our bodies.

The inaugural issue of Body of Work will be sharing a few very expansive, yet oh-so-optimized sex magic rituals to help you create an ecology of thriving in your body.

One that will not only help you identify your current “mythology”, but also help you {quite literally} rewrite it.

So you can produce your greatest creative work ever, while also understanding how to create in a way that gives you back precious time and energy to invest in the projects and people you want to impact NOW.

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You ready? If not, definitely begin SYI right meow.

But if you are ready, I’ll see you on the other side very soon.

Loving you,


Nikka Karli