Why Won't You Just Say it?



You know that thing you're scared shitless to speak/create/write about?...


It's the thing that's going to change EVERYTHING for your art, message, money, and life.


Oh. And you know.... The whole WORLD.

{If you're into that kind of thing.}


...You've done the personal growth work {expect, implementing with CONSISTENCY and DEVOTION? Uhhhhh... And seeing epic RESULTS? Welllllll, you know, it's just not happening yet because... Divine timing and all... riiiiiiight}

...You've played at being an entrepreneur, goal digger, boss babe, empire builder {except you're also still doing everything else under the sun and have so many SQUIRREL tendencies that you... wait... um... where were we???}

...You've gone "all in" on your True message and soul's work {except you really just keep dipping in your toes and then pulling them out so fast your head is still spinning}


And the worst thing?


Even though you know- you KNOW- it's not what you're really here to do, you keep going back to a message that's safer.

...One that doesn't ruffle as many feathers.

...One that feels allllmmooooossssst like Truth {except in your soul, you know it's merely a SHADOW version of who you Truly are}.


And for what?

Because it's what's brought you success, love, money, and/or safety in the past.

And because, when it's all said and done, it's what you've gotten so "good at" that it doesn't scare you anymore, which makes it feel like it's a "reliable" fallback.


But, but, but.... your SOUL.


She's crying, SCREAMING, at you to finally go ALL IN and say fuck the shoulds and coulds and woulds and to finally EMBODY the Goddess you are here to be.


With the way you create.

The way you make love.

The way you receive.

The way you move your body.


The way YOU do YOU.


So then what is this crap?

This all in and then all out?

This start and stop?

This devotion and then tuck-tail-and-run bullshit that we allow to run our creative lives? {And maybe other areas as well... because remember... the way we do ONE thing is the way we do EVERYthing...}


How did it begin?

And where do we go from here?


What is the bridge between us and full-on commitment, consistency, and trust in our own freedom?


How do we take radical responsibility for the one thing that scares us most to our core?


Oh. And how do we do it when we sometimes can't even articulate what "it" even IS yet?



Come play in all the feels with me here.

Or just watch below ;)

We'll dive into the questions and the embodied actions that help us receive the answers {and even more potent questions}.




Loving you,



#stalkingthemoon #sexmagicwoman



Are you ready to unleash your full Erotic Potential and #goddessthefuckup in every area of your art, intimacy, and life while connecting at the HIGHEST level to your own Goddess Consciousness with the most EXQUISITE Orgasmic Waking Bliss evahhhhh?

{I mean, duh.}


Come into the mystery with me here.


The council begins Monday.

Are you one of us?

Nikka Karli