Why Are We Making it So Damn Hard???


I make things waaaaaay too hard for myself {and I’m pretty sure you do too}.

So I’m called to do something.

To throw this ball of magic out into the Universe and play with some badass creative visionary goddesses who are ready, willing, and able to take their shit to mythic levels.

I know my magic and, if this resonates with you, you know yours too.


We get in our own way, right?

We BELIEVE in our next shift... but we haven’t seen how we can EMBODY it in the immediate here and now.

So we stall out, stop showing up, get frustrated, start doubting our path, stop doing our pleasure rituals and body practices {even though we KNOW they’re what changes evvvvverrrrrythang}...

And we start to wonder if we’re actually doing what God placed us here to do... or if just we’re following our ego/society/our own deep-seated fears... {which is pretty much the LAST thing we would ever want, so we back track and continue stalling out on our soul’s work}.


I’ve been doing this Body Work shiz for a loooooong time. Since I was in HS, really.

Different forms {from athletes to yoga students to corporate clients to creative visionaries to healers and more} but it has always- ALWAYS- come back to the connection between me and my body and, from there, my connection between me and the world.

It’s how I create.

...How I love.

...How I engage.

...How I learn.

...How I surrender.

...How I shift.

...How I LIVE.

And I get that maybe some of you are KINDA in your body... you know... like, when it’s convenient and not too scary. 😂

I get that too.

When I had to stop playing sports and lost my connection to my body for the first time, it was like I lost my connection to life itself.

Like my roots had all pulled up and left me floating along above the earth.

{And, let me tell you, a few years of serious shit show shenanigans ensued.}

Since then, I’ve lost my body connection quite a few times...

But I’ve always been able to come home to Her because that’s my natural and intrinsic set point.

To be in Conscious Co-Creation and Energetic Ecstasy with God, art, and soul THROUGH my connection to my body.

And I know I’m here to help you Return to your own connection.

To reawaken the Primal Wild and OWN the fuck out of who you are as a creator, artist, leader, lover, and woman.

And so today I’m led to open up a deeply intimate way to excavate Sex + Story + Soul together.

Just you + me, 1:1.

...Completely dialed in and curated to where you are in this moment.

So you can stop PLAYING at art and leadership and finally LAND THE PLANE with your message, Turn On, and life.

This is the bridge between the sacred {art, consciousness, God, body temple, rituals, energy} and the mundane {discipline, consistency, devotion, doing the damn work every.single. day.}.


-We will meet for 1 or 2 days in a home or boutique hotel/gathering space

-Unlimited Voxer mentoring with me for 90 days following your Quest because it’s all well and good to have an epic shift experience, but it’s a whooooole nutha thing to keep your new awakening, mindset, habits, action, and rituals going after you leave {you know what I’m talking about}

-You will also receive complimentary access to my Sex Magic Woman™️ program, so you’ll have an extra 10 weeks of group mentoring with me and some other amaze balls Wild Goddesses {this is sooooooo good!!!!!}

So... wanna play?

Here it is...

INDIGO WILD™️: A Goddess Quest Experience

Cosmic Sex | Creative Mastery | Embodied Light Leadership

This is where you understand how to focus your ancient cosmic sexual energy into every aspect of how you create art, make love, and lead your movement.

Modalities we may play with {all uniquely curated to your magic and path}:

-Orgasmic breath work

-Sacred body movement {including sensual yoga and dance}

-{Re}Wilding Rituals

-Reawakening & Catalyzing IMMEDIATE Quantum Shifts through remembering the Wild Woman Archetype

-Writing assignments and Flow State Message Mapping

-Intuitive Guidance

-Oracle Readings

-Embodied Activations

-Storytelling that MOVES your tribe {archetypes, poetry, and the Heroine’s Journey}

-Art as Activism

-Plusssssss, I’m also studying Tantra {finally}, so we’ll be integrating these ancient teachings when they resonate!

I’m keeping this super freaking simplistic and beautiful.

So if you are intrigued...

Just PM me and I’ll send you an application link.

And if we’re a fit to make magic, I’ll reach out to set up a time/date and get this goddess shit going. {If you or I have any further questions, we’ll hop on Voxer to chat it through.}

So, if you have a deep hunger and ache in your soul to Reawaken Your Primal Intuition... Break Free of Your Inhibitions around Money, Sex, God, Intimacy, and Creativity... and Understand How to Consciously Co-Create Your Life and Art WITH the Divine...

Shoot me a PM on IG now and I’ll send you the link.

Things to Note:

-There are LESS THAN 20 spots for the ENTIRE year so I can keep this intrinsic and cultivate the depth that I feel this work requires.

-We can play in person or virtually and will discuss the full deets once you apply.

-In person Quests can be in one of my stopping grounds {Vegas, Samana Dominican Republic, North County SD, or Maui} OR I can come to you.

-Yes, this is an investment {payment plans available} and yes, you are worth this and can do this EVEN if you haven’t been able to fully integrate your magic into the physical world before or you feel like you’re going to throat chop the next person who tells you to “niche down” and that you have to do just ONE thing forever and ever amen {you’re a primal goddess with sooooo much magic inside and I’m going to help you integrate and share it ALL in a way that fully turns on your soul}.

-Oh... And yes, this is sacred WORK. But it will teach you the resiliency you need to EMBODY in order to lead at Revolutionary Goddess levels.

So if it’s a yessssss in your soul, PM me now Wild One and let’s play.

As always...

Here’s to your Untaming,

N 🐾🌙



Still here? You rock!!!!

This photo is from where we’ll be hanging out in the Dominican Republic... in a treehouse village!!! 😍

Nikka Karli