Who's Crying Now?

One love feeds the fire... One heart burns desire... Wonder who’s cryin’ now... Two hearts born to run... Who’ll be the lonely one... Wonder who’s cryin’ now...
— Journey

I’ll tell you who’s crying now. ME.

That’s who.

Because I am reconnected… And I am remembering not only the why but the WHO.

Of what I do, of my soul’s work…

Of #allthethings.

Ok, let me back up a bit here. Because you know I’m all about the context.

Otherwise, the message won’t be able to land.

The world is noisy as shit.

There is always something or someone vying for our attention. Always.

And if we don’t have a ritual {or set of rituals} in place to hold us in consistent, embodied action in the direction of the desires and missions of our souls…

By the time the day is half gone, we look back and realize we haven’t really moved the needle on anything that matters to our heart.

And then by the end of the day, when we’re ready to hit the bed, we look back at the day in its entirety and feel… like shit.

Like we failed. Again.

Failed at what we said we’d do.

Failed at who we said we are.

Failed at being the embodied commitment to our own integrity and Truth.

But have we failed?

Or have we just been distracted?

Johnny Cash once said, “You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.”

I agree. So much.

But when we feel like we fail on the things that matter most {and, in turn, maybe are failing the people who matter most}...

We tend to give that “failure” a whole lot of our energy, time, and space.

So, back to my crying.

I’ve been so divided lately.

Coaching/teaching and also writing/creating.

I’ve been in a Fragmentation Frequency {like I talk about in SYI}, where I haven’t been able to be fully present with either of the above, because I’ve been blurring the lines between them.

Not giving either its full due {energy, time, and space}, which meant that there was no clear line in the sand for who I was in either.

Tears come for me, mostly, during frustration or ecstatic remembrance.

This time it’s the latter.

Because I’ve been dropping back into the depths of my practices, in a way that gives me all the energy I need to BE who I came here to be.

Love to feed the fire.

Heart burning with desire.

Both... at the same time.

This is the “yes and” life that you’ve heard me {and others} talk about so much.


Where do we go from here?

Look at your creativity, your love life, your work…

And see where you’re blurring the lines in an attempt to get everything “done”.

Then look at the ways this {maybe} has you feeling like you’ve failed or fucked up at the end of the day.

Take note of how it’s affecting your Sleep, Sex, and Safety...

And then begin to move it through you.

Don’t dwell. Don’t feed or poke the bear.

Just bring your awareness to what is, and then allow it be transmuted in the fire.

I transmute best in the jungle.

...Where the land is wild and untamable {truly, you can cut back the trees and shrubs and if you leave it alone for a few weeks, it all grows back… the jungle will always “out”}.

...Where the ocean meets the land and cleanses away anything that no longer serves.

...Where the veil is thin and God is called down into our bodies through sex and story and soul remembrance.

Pure magic.

I’m taking a small group of goddesses into the Wilds with me this summer.

To fully unleash the primal power of our pussies… and our souls.

Will you be one of us?

Loving you,


Nikka Karli