When You're Stuck, Do This...

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You know that feeling where your air feels like it's deserted you and you can't for the life of you seem to find it again?


You're constricting around fear {or worry, doubt, shame...} and you know you need to redirect your thoughts and energy... but just can't quite get there.


You understand at a deep level that this energetic/emotional state is not serving you and that the only way to call in what you desire is to expand, but the more you try to expand, the more locked down and suffocated you feel.


This is the Quicksand.


There's a point in one of my favorite sports movies "The Replacements" where Keanu Reeves is talking about quicksand.


Gene Hackman asks the team what their biggest fears are.


Orlando King answers spiders and everyone starts laughing and freaking out about spiders.


But Gene Hackman (the coach) is asking for something deeper. Something that racks your soul and drives you into a frozen puddle of nothing, unable to move forward or backward, just frozen.


And Keanu gets it. He sees where Gene is going. But he doesn't even want to voice the fear.


He doesn't want to LEAD by voicing his fear.


But Gene calls him out {which is what incredible mentors do for us}.


And Keanu's answer is EVERYTHING.


His fear? Quicksand.


Where you're on the field and one thing goes wrong, then another, and then another.


And it feels like no matter what you do or what you try, you just keep sinking.


Your air is gone.


Your legs are gone.




This is what happens to us with our creativity.

This is what happens to us with our message.

This is what happens to us with our body and our voice and our mission and our LIFE.



So how do we move through?


How do we rise from the quicksand when we can't even breathe and everything is crumbling down around us, crushing our souls?


That's what we're diving into today for this week's episode of Orgasms, Money, & God™.


Watch the livestream here.


Loving you madly and deeply.


As always...


Here's to your Untaming,



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Nikka Karli