When you're at fucking capacity... create

Nikka Karli

I almost didn’t Write this.

I almost didn’t sit down and make space for the Muse.

Because holy shit, am I at capacity today.

Not from creating, but from all the other things in life and business.

I’m also bleeding this week…

Which I spent years ignoring and trying to power through.

Because just being a woman already “puts us behind”, right?

So who the hell wants to have to take time and slow down because she has moon blood dripping from her body?

But the deeper I went into my own Wilds… the deeper I went into the Sex Goddess I’ve always been and how I NEED to create...

The more I began to honor my blood.

The blood of my body and the blood of my soul.

My body bleeds actual blood, but my soul…

She bleeds a different ink.

And when I feel like I’m at capacity it’s almost always because I’m doing too much shit that is everything BUT creating.

Meaning, I’m coaching too much or teaching too many classes or coordinating too many things/people or suffocating under the weight of too many admin tasks.

And then my soul rebels.

Because if I’m not creating, I’m drowning.

So here I am.

At the altar.

Bleeding my soul onto the pages of the world once again.

And my God, is it fucking perfect.

I don’t mean the words are perfect {I mean shit, I’m half asleep so who knows what the hell I’m even writing to you}...

But, rather, that this moment…

This breath…

Where I have the divine blessing of being able to just put words on a page…

Is perfect.

And so if you’re feeling at capacity this week, ask your soul what she needs to bleed out into the world.

And then sit your gorgeous ass down and let it drip, drip, drip.

Mmmmm, yeah.

Just like that.


Loving you,



I was going to give you a ridiculous opportunity to work with me 1:1 over the next moon… but I’m not.

I choose not to create space for that right now.

But I will give you the opportunity to pick up a lil’ something from my Wild Heart to yours…

At an absolutely ridiculous investment later this week.

So stay tuned...

Nikka Karli