When your body has had enough

Nikka Karli Body of Work

There will come a time when your body tells you to slow your roll.

You won’t listen of course, because what does she know?

I mean, you’ve got a world to take over… errrr, change.

And wild erotic sex to be had.

And people to stand up for.

And a business to run.

So how dare your body give you signs that she is ready for quitting time?

So you ignore her some more.

You push through some more.

And you sacrifice your intuitive knowing and trust within yourself some more.

Because life. Because mission. Because #allthethings.

But then one day your body says enough.

She tells you she’s giving up the ghost, whether you’re ready or not.

Because she’s done.

And you’re left with a nervous system that can’t exit fight or flight to save your life.

So you’ve now got this low-grade distress flooding your veins, and you wonder how the hell you’re going to continue…

With your art… with your soul… with your mission…

You know you “should” have listened to her, your body.

You even said that you would.

You told her {the last time she went into a systemic freakout over the way you were living and avoiding your emotions in favor of your thought processes and tactics} that you’d listen next time.

You promised her.

Except, when it came down to it…

You betrayed that trust. Again.

And now you’re left with a body that can’t process how to take the next step in your creativity, let alone with your trauma and soul’s path.

But all is not lost.

Because this is one of those moments where, if you’re still reading this, you very likely have an inkling {aka a howling in your fucking blood} for something more.

Something deeper, more instinctual… Something that touches the bones and guides you home to the Truth of your soul.

To see what that something is, and what you can do about it…

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And remember:

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So head over now and learn how to not only listen to your body, but to fully integrate her into everything you touch...

In a way that fully alchemizes your message, expression, and deep trauma work with your turn on.


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