When Hard Work Doesn’t Mean Jack


Working your ass off but not seeing the shift?

Yeah. I get it. 😰

But what if the shift is something internal?

What if, stay with me, the shift that needs to happen is around your IDEA of work?

Or, rather, your over identification with the NOBILITY of being a “hard worker”.

{ay, mamí!} 🤦🏽‍♀️

We are taught that to work hard means that we are valuable and worthy.

And yes, giving something your all and actually committing and following through can hold us in a space of deep integrity and allow for beautiful wisdom and experience.


When we encode the idea of “hard work” as a reflection of our WORTH, we begin to believe that everything we desire needs to be HARD.

It’s hard to create.

It’s hard to be in love.

Money is hard.

Success is hard.

An ass that won’t quit? Hard.

{see what I did there 🤣🍑🤓}

But for realz.

The problem with this is that we start saying things like “oh yeah, I’m working towards that”.

Which only serves to PUSH our desires even further away from us because we are trying so hard to PULL them towards us.

So what’s the alternative?

Go watch this.


And drop your fave emoji on this post if you’re sooooo done with believing your worth is only a result of overworking!!!! 😍🙌🏽🐾🌙🧞‍♀️

Loving you,


Nikka Karli