What The Gorgeous International Spy Said To Her Baby Daddy


One of my favorite shows is completely un-PC and likely offensive to someone, somewhere in pretty much every single episode.

One of the main characters… let’s call her Lana ;)... gets super exasperated with the other main character… let’s call him Archer… and she has a single word response to any and all of his shit-show shenanigans.

And that response is “nooooooooooope”.

Which is pretty much what my body is saying to me today.

About, well, everything.

I’m not burnt out. I’m not overwhelmed. And I’m not indecisive or uncertain.

But what I am is attuned to my own capacity and to how my body wants to ebb and flow in alignment with nature right now.

Which means that it’s time to chill.

I was talking with my coach yesterday about deeply encoded patterns around believing everything needs to be a ton of work and really hard.

And he gave me an orgasmically delicious reframe.

Me thinks this wisdom needs to go into a video, so I’ll drop a vlog about it mañana.

Because a conditioned patterning of “drive”, work, and effort are probably taking up a lot of space and energy within your body as well.

And understanding their presence, and where they’re living in your body, can drastically increase your creative output.

Oh. And it will be in a way that feels like coming home.

So make sure you’re subbed and have notifications turned on, and you’ll get to see the vlog as soon as it goes live.

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