What the fuck am I doing?


I’m sitting here watching a Masterclass from Samuel L. Jackson and I’m so fucking... ANNOYED with myself.

This is not some “woe is me” piece, where I’m wallowing in my own ineptitude.

↠ Rather, this is a wake up call. ↞

For me.

For you.

For us all.

We cannot shift the vibration of our planet with the same way of Doing the Work that we have been utilizing our entire lives.

We cannot expect to be the full embodiment of the change we want {no, NEED} to see in humanity by operating as if we have all the time in the world to do what we came here to do.

And we cannot, no matter how much we wish we could, continue DISTRACTING ourselves from the task at hand.

⚔︎ I have been prioritizing things that take me away from The Work. ⚔︎

The objects of my distraction are not, in and of themselves, important or relevant to The Work in any way.

Their only connection is that I've allowed myself to continue playing out an old story of who I am in order to keep me from becoming who I came here to Be.

And it's not just me.

I see this time and time again from clients, souls sisters, and loved ones.

And you?

I can almost guarantee that there is something you've been using as a distraction...

Oh you know:

↠ You love problem solving so you keep creating drama for yourself to "solve" instead of doing The Work.

↠ You love passion so you have allowed yourself to remain in addictive patterns {ie: food, drugs, sex, lack, etc} instead of doubling down on what you KNOW matters most.

↠ You love creating so you have overcommitted to all kinds of creative endeavors EXCEPT the One your soul has been begging you to embrace and share with the world.

Humans are DISTRACTIBLE creatures.

{I've been distracted no less than ⓷ times since The Muse nudged me to sit my ass down in the chair and write this today}.

But if we KNOW this {how distractible we are, just in case you needed a reminder because... SQUIRREL}, we can SHIFT this.

⚒︎ Because knowing is half the battle {at least according to G.I. Joe}. ⚒︎

And if we have the battle already half-won...

And we then use our other energy to RECOMMIT to the task at hand and continuously REALIGN our focus to said task over and over {and over} again...

✌︎ We stand a damn good chance of taking the victory lap instead of Distraction. ✌︎


Look at exactly where your attention and commitment have been the past 5, 10, 20 years...

And then ask yourself if it's working for you.

And then ask what you're keeping yourself distracted FROM...

And THEN recommit to The Work.

Again and again.

↠ Until it sticks.

↠ Until you SEE the Change.

↠ Until you are Divinely gifted another task to tend.


I'll see you in the trenches.

⚓︎ Stay thirsty, my friends. ⚓︎

As always...

Here's to Your Untaming,

N 🐾 ☾


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Nikka Karli