What My Bachata Instructor Taught Me About Success... and Surrender

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The way we do one thing is the way we do everything.


You’ve heard this, yes? I know I have.

The way we do ONE thing is the way we do EVERYthing.


But are we embodying the wisdom of this message?

Or are we just paying it lip service?


I’m down here in a treehouse village in the Dominican Republic and one of the awesome dudes I’ve become friends with here decided I need I learn the Bachata.

So he grabs my hand and he stands me still to give me directions on what we’re about to do. Two this way, two that way, then this and then that, etc.


We start and I’m getting it. Hips, feet, check.

And then comes the spin...

First one, I’m ok.  I still see our feet.

I still know where we’re going....


But then, he stops giving me verbal direction.

And I’m ok for a bit but then he spins me again.

And I lose it.


It’s like my feet just decide to disconnect from my brain.


We laugh and he even says “you had it until I stopped giving you verbal instructions”...

Which made me think about how I was doing this ONE THING.


When I could hear and see where I was being led, I was good. Learning. Having fun. In the rhythm and flow.

But as soon as I was flying blind, so to speak, I fell OUT of flow.


Because I started THINKING and not FEELING.


It felt like I was in control before, even though I was being led.

I was even GOOD with being led.


But when it was spin time, with no instructions on what was coming next {even though what comes next is absolutely irrelevant}, it felt like I had been cast adrift and no land was in sight.


So my rooting and sense of self had been based on the {fabricated} idea that I knew where I was going.


Because, really, nothing changed when he stopped talking.

The Bachata didn’t all of a sudden become the Rumba.

My friend didn’t all of a sudden grow an extra pair of feet to trip me up.


I just lost focus because my ATTENTION had been all external and not INTERNAL.


We often think of surrender as being an undesirable lack of control or as an implicit agreement to full-on submission.

I mean, kind of, but also? Not at all.


Surrender is when we consciously CHOOSE to release our worries and doubts and fears and inhibitions and trust that we KNOW what to do {or not do} because we are ALWAYS being supported and led by a power infinitely greater than us.


And? Also?

Surrender, true surrender, is really fucking hard.

For me anyways.


Because it can feel like spinning completely out of orbit.

Surrender requires us to leap without being able to see the entire path and, sometimes even harder, trusting that a path is even THERE.


📿 The way we do one thing is the way we do everything. 📿


But the beautiful thing that happens when we surrender is that we move.





We begin to tap into something that eludes us when we confine ourselves only to experiences where we “know” everything.

Something magical and potent and soulgasmic...


When we truly surrender, we begin to tap into the Beauty and Truth of our soul.


And THAT is everything.


Loving you madly and deeply,

N 🐾🌙



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