What if there was no answer?

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We can spend a lifetime seeking an answer

To the ineffable question of:

“Why isn’t it working?”

But what if that wasn’t the question we needed to be asking?

What if, instead, that was actually an answer in and of itself…

And that the real question was this:

“What am I not seeing?”

Because if it doesn’t seem to be working, it might be time to redefine your idea of results.

And if things aren’t working the way you thought they should, perhaps it’s also time to choose a different lens… and see what is working.

Then you get to look at what you’ve found and see why it’s of even higher service than the thing you were expecting.

Because if the outcome is a variant of what you wanted {instead of looking exactly how you thought it would}…

There’s a reason.

Perhaps your body couldn’t yet handle the work required to meet the initial expectation.

Perhaps your sense of identity was still too enmeshed in an old pattern and wouldn’t allow you to step into that specific outcome.

And, perhaps, you only thought you should have that outcome but deep down, it was only a shadow version of your True desire.

Once we let go of what’s not working, we are able to see what’s been in front of us all along.

But to do that, we need to be able to get off the mental Hamster Wheel of Doom and drop into the primal knowing of our bodies.

Which is something I’m teaching in The September Sessions in Body of Work.

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I’ve been playing with the idea of opening a $95/month option in Body of Work.

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This is great if you can’t make the live call times, or simply prefer to have the teachings and practices available to go through whenever you desire.

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