What about your friends?

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Sometimes we forget that in order to create at our best, we need high level support.

This might be in the form of mentors, teachers, lovers, or family.

And it might also be in the form of friends.

I’m staying with one of my newer but oh-so-incredible friends in LA this weekend.

Yesterday, we dove into all the artistic and world-changing feels with another girlfriend.

And tonight, we’re dropping into yummy space with one more dope ass Goddess.

Then we’re going all the way deep into creative excavation with some intrinsic body movement workshops tomorrow and Sunday.

The common thread between this supportive time together?


More to the point:

Creative spaciousness.

We are all supporting each other in the most soulgasmic reclamation and expression of our body’s innate wisdom.

Through listening and Ideation and reflection and movement… and simply being there for each other’s experiences.

In a way that allows us to dramatically expand our capacity for how we show up in our individual lives, mission, and art.

I want this level of community and support for your deepest Truth and embodiment as well.

Because it’s time.

Because your work matters.

Because you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

And if you’re ready to completely redefine what’s possible in your own creative output, business, and life…

Go here to join me in The September Sessions:

Doors close tomorrow.

So hit me back with any questions.

As always...

Here’s to Your Untaming,