Well, that escalated quickly

Nikka Karli
As with any job, you don’t just sit around achieving all day- you have to put in hours. Until that point, whenever I saw someone doing something I wanted to do, I’d devote many of those hours to negative energy. I would try to convince myself that these strangers weren’t worthy of the things I wanted instead of being honest with myself about how they got there.
— Franchesca Ramsey

Yesterday, I opened up my erotically dope program, Body of Work.

I double and triple checked the links.

I had someone else double and triple check the links.

And yet…

I still woke up to messages this morning about the links not working. #facepalm

I could’ve freaked out.

I could’ve cried and thrown myself on the floor, shouting to the heavens about Mercury Retrograde and such.

Or I could sit my ass down, pop open my trusty online surgical tools {aka my website platform and marketing/email/everything else platform} and fix it.

Needless to say, I took the last option.

I’ve seen so many Creators with launch fails, opening night fails, book signing fails…

You name it, we’ve failed at it.

Which is why being able to calm your nervous system and shift your energy around the things you can “control” {aa well as with the things that are straight up in God’s territory} is a complete non-negotiable if you are a high-achieving Creator.

I can help you with that.

It’s what Body of Work is all about.

Especially The April Issue.

Because it’s where we’ll be diving into exactly how you can resource within yourself to stay fully grounded in your body, while also remaining 100% aligned with God, art, and soul in each and every glorious moment.

You can see if this is up your alley here:

Hit me back with any questions.

Loving you,

Nikka “I Got Your Retrogade Right Here” Karli

Nikka Karli