Weekly Roundup + Breaking Free of Your Inhibitions (New Vlog)

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Lately, I’ve been playing with so many different sexual energy rituals and... “techniques”, if you will.

For myself, but also to see exactly what wants to be shared in my upcoming course {which now has a name!!!!! Holy shit, I can’t believe what it is, and of course how PERFECT it is, and how quickly it came through- duh- when I stopped trying to figure it out!}.

And as I’ve been doing even more consistent practices for myself {which now includes daily rounds of 1) grounding and 2) energetic breast massage for clarity and ideation, which I’ll be showing you in the course}...

I’ve been opening to new ways to become even more untamed in my body and voice.

So I dropped a vlog earlier today, where I talk about breaking free from our inhibitions and finding wild abandon in the way we create {and the way we make love}.

I think you’ll really like it, as it “comes at” the idea from a completely different angle.

It’s only about 13 minutes, so you can finish watching it in less time than it takes to get your Monday morning Starbucks order. ;)

You can find the vlog below, as well as the other articles from this week.

Yum, yum, yummmmm…


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VLOG: How to Break Free of Your Inhibitions in Bed & in Your Art


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