Wanna Break Some Rules With Me?


If you’ve ever wanted to say F the Noise and just fucking do what the hell you came here to do

Read this.

I’ve never been much for following rules just because they’re rules. Or just because someone behind the screen told me I should.

Except in one area.

Business and wealth.

Yes, they’re kind of two areas but not for me.

At some point, they blended into some type of quicksand-y, FUBAR situation in which my creative Genius and innate sexual aliveness became suffocated underneath the idea that I needed to “niche down” and nail my “target audience”.

My soul crumbled under the weight of trying to hold back my Truth in order to limit my creativity to “what the market wanted”.

And the worst of it?

It took me years to figure out a way through the muck.


Because I gave away my power to people I thought knew more than me, in an area that had challenged me my entire adult life.

I’ve never been much for making money, just for money’s sake.

As an Indigo, I used to just wish money didn’t exist and that we could go back to a full-on barter society, where everyone had more than enough and we all remembered that we are each the physical embodiment of divine love… and treat one another {and ourselves} accordingly.

Uh… yeah. That hasn’t worked out so great thus far.

So I decided I needed to learn business and wealth and also figure out how the hell to take what I do intuitively {primal, wild sensuality, helping people remember who they are so they can do what they came here to do, and oh yeah how to share it with the world in a way that not only gets people into action but also turns on their own soul… ummm… ok}… 

And then integrate it with the whole “humaning” thing I had been avoiding most of my life.

Which led me to hiring a bunch of mentors and doing a shit ton of programs on marketing, copywriting, abundance, and more… plus teaching myself how to build my own websites and membership programs… plus working with some of the top Creators around on how to cultivate an airtight identity outside of my mission and performance.

And that led to me becoming an absolute Genius with bridging the feminine, sacred, and sensual with the masculine, divine, and provocative.

So… Wanna break some rules with me?

Because I’ve taken back my power and am about to step this Pussy Party alllll the way the fuck up.

You in?

Because I’m dropping some seriously next level shit with my brand new creative + sexual identity workshops soon, and you’re invited.

I’m opening an entire library of everything that is pouring out of my soul.

And the first workshop is dropping next month.

It’s called Tantric Alchemy for Lovers and it’s gonna be lit AF.

I’ll share more soon, but in the meantime…

You can get super special beta pricing on all my workshops by joining my beta tribe, which is going by the name of Nīk Nation {yup I’m going all Bey Hive, Swifties, and Little Monsters for this bad boy}.

A little taste of some other workshops that are dropping soon:

  • Skin {liberation, sovereignty, and sexuality for BIWOC Creators}

  • Ceremony {dripping sensuality and ooey gooey soul nectar into how you lead ceremonial space}

  • distilled. {tantric brand identity & strategy for epic clarity and embodied action}

  • Spoken Roots {alchemizing the energies of Pussy and Truth-Speaking into the way you create, perform, lead, and make love}

  • Orgasms, Money, & God™ {bridging the gap between shame and abundance into our conscious business, sexual intimacy, and spirituality}

Now… you should know this:

There is one underlying foundation to all of these workshops that are about to rock your sacred world.

Throughout it all, we will be diving into the rawest, wildest, most intrinsic reclamation and expression of our Primal Self.

In a way that leaves no space for anything other than the divine remembrance of exactly who we are.

Oh, and every workshop will hold threads of primal movement, breathwork, and creative expression. Because… it’s me. ;)

Sound like some alchemical magic you want in on?

If so, sign up for the beta tribe… oops, I mean Nīk Nation… here:


And let’s unfuck the primordial essence of who we came here to be, as we blaze trails and change the world, shall we?

As always…

Here’s to your Untaming,



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