Walking the Shadow Path


What happens when we lose our way?

How do we find our path and ensure we are not walking the Shadow Path instead?

We must be willing to do what we do not normally do:

Take stock of how we’re showing up and whether or not the actions were taking are born from alignment or distraction.

Distraction shows up when we’re tired, drained, and turned OFF.

When we’ve been going and going, trying and trying...

And things STILL aren’t working.

This shows up in our intimacy, our brand/business, our God connection, our creative expression, our body...

So what do we do?

Where do we turn once we’ve already fallen off our path and have lost the passion that kept us moving forward in the first place?

Watch the vlog I dropped today from on top of a mountain and let’s excavate all the feels together.


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Loving you,


Nikka Karli