Does Your Voice Deserve to be Heard?

I have been asked on numerous occasions, by numerous people, if I have a meditation course for sale. I have always laughed it off and said no.

And every single time, inside, a piece of me cringed.

Cringed at my cowardice.

Cringed at the lie of omission that fell from my lips in the form of forced merriment.

Cringed at my lack of trust in my own voice.


When I was younger, I hated it. My voice.

It was too raspy at times, too low.

It couldn't carry a tune no matter how badly I wanted it or tried.

It didn't sound the way I thought a girl's voice should sound.

I even had someone ask me once on the phone if I was a boy over the age of 18 (soul-stealing harpy of a telemarketer, she was).

And so I convinced myself that my voice sucked and that no one needed to hear it.


I began teaching yoga in 2009. And I hoped that maybe people could just ignore my voice and still be able to receive the teachings.

Much to my surprise, students continuously came up to me after class and told me how moved they were by my words... and how much they loved my voice.

(Say what, now?)

But I'm a really smart cookie... A really smart cookie who is fairly steadfast in my crazy limiting self beliefs.

And so I dismissed the fact that I was told after pretty much every class that my voice was amazing and that my words were transforming people's lives. (The Resistance is strong with this one.)

And I kept on with the idea that I couldn't and shouldn't enjoy my own voice.


I learned to chant during my first two-year-long yoga teacher training. At first, I didn't want to do it. Because it required everyone to hear the dismal sounds of my teenage boy voice.

I didn't fear them running away, covering their ears and cowering in horror.

But I did fear their judgment, their silent pity at how I could dare to open my mouth and have such unladylike noises emanating from my being.

Sounds ridiculous, right? But that's how our limiting beliefs and blocks and inhibitions work. They don't need to make "sense"; they just need to be so deeply seated within our subconscious that they are able to stop us from standing in the power and truth of who we came here to be.


I spoke at an event this summer and it was incredible. Purely orgasmic. To be in my truth and in the potent magic of my soul.

And I was told that the way I speak is like poetry and that I must obviously do spoken word.

Have I mentioned that I used to write poetry? And that I have been asked repeatedly (since 2009) if I do spoken word?

Probably nothing, right? Not a part of my calling. Not something that my soul is sending out to the Universe.

Just something else to ignore. And silently cringe about.


...You can keep fighting who you are. ...You can keep pretending that you are not born of Light. ...You can keep telling yourself that you are not ready or worthy or beautiful enough or intelligent enough or prepared enough. ...You can keep convincing yourself of everything that you're not.

Or you can decide to embrace exactly who you ARE and step into the beauty and truth and love of your soul.

I choose to go deeper. To listen. To put my yes on the table and live in the sacred frequency of devotion to the magic I hold inside.

Can you close your eyes for a moment and FEEL into that? The sensation of devotion riding your bones, the exquisite emergence of the Divine working in and through you? Mmmmmmm.

It is so juicy and delicious and potent.

It is desire. It is pleasure. It is awareness. It is alignment. It is stillness. It is evolution. It is connection. It is intimacy. It is art. It is love.

I choose to live in this vibration, this delectable nectar of my own soul medicine and freedom.

And I invite you to join me.

After many (many) years of hesitation and self doubt, I am offering my first meditation course.

And it is glorious. To be saying yes to something that is being co-created with the Divine. To be saying yes to my soul and to share it with those who truly need this lovin'.

It is for the dreamers, the dream WEAVERS, the creative visionaries, the messengers, the artists, the healers, the warriors of love.

And it is, quite simply, a homecoming of soul.

The course is called Manifest Your Miracles and is going to be pure bliss.

MYM will include five Energetic Soul Transmission meditation audios, five Spirit-Led mindset trainings, and five Soul Awakening mantras, plus bonuses on how to breath the world into being, cultivate presence, and become your own guru.

The course will be released in the next 2-3 weeks and will be a super fab investment of $195.

However, if you know you connect with me and my words, and would like to have me with you always (yay!), guiding you into your truth and helping you to awaken the most sacred and high-frequency desires you hold for your life, your soul's work, and your love...

You may enroll at an early bird investment of $95, saving $100 off of the normal investment when it is released.

Here is the link for the early bird.

Wherever you are on your journey, I truly believe this course can change the trajectory of your life and help you become the conscious creator of your destiny that you KNOW you hold inside.

I love you all so much. Thank you to all who have helped guide me home to this truth so that I may help guide others home to theirs.

Contact me with any questions, Lover.

And as always...

Here's to your Untaming™, xoxoxo N

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