Today You are Able to Become That Which You Have Never Before Been

be what you have never before been 3-18-16 You must allow yourself to become inspired simply by the vast expanse of possibility that this world holds.

In every moment you are given another opportunity.

To grow.

To soften.

To listen.

To witness.

This day is like no other day before it.

You are able to become that which you have never before been.

In this moment, you are being called into the fire once more.

So that you may look DEEPER.

So that you may seek FURTHER.

So that you may vibrate at a HIGHER FREQUENCY.

Right here, right now, you are sending out a signal to the Universe.

A signal that is attracting and repelling in every moment, with every breath.

What is your signal today?

Have you consciously chosen the signal?

Or are you vibrating at a frequency without any awareness or consciousness?

Are you calling toward you that which you desire?

Or are you magnetizing the things that you don't want?

In this moment, you have a choice.

You have an opportunity.

You are, in this very second, experiencing a miracle.

Have you noticed it yet?

Have you opened your eyes and your heart to the connection and love that are flowing to you and THROUGH you right now?

Or are you walking blind?

Are you choosing to ignore the good and to focus on the bad?

Are you stuck in a place of doubting and fearing and WISHING instead of actually making the conscious decision to raise your vibration to match that which you seek?

Right here, right now, you are able to make one of the most important choices of your life...

You can choose gratitude and joy.

You can CHOOSE to be present and aware, right where you are.

Because that is where it all begins.

Your desires...

Your successes...

Your abundance...

Your waking orgasmic bliss...

Your freedom...

All begin with that choice.

Your choice.

No one else's.


What will you choose for yourself today?

As always...

Here's to your Untaming™, Nikka Karli #lovewarrior

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Today is the day you get to choose a new reality.

So choose it.

Loving you deeply.

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